Air Travel with Your Dog: Answering the 4 Most Common Questions

Posted on the 28 October 2022 by Mirela Letailleur @mirela_iepurela

There’s no denying that it’s challenging and expensive to air travel with your dog. In the hierarchy of the easiest and least stressful ways to transport your dog to a new location, flying usually comes last. But on some occasions—for example, if you’re moving to another city or state for the long term or if you need to keep a service dog in your company—it can’t be helped. In such instances, you’ll need to do a lot of legwork so that you and your dog can have a safe and smooth travel experience. What should you know before booking a ...

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Original post by Mirela Letailleur (The Travel Bunny): Air travel with your dog: answering the 4 most common questions

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