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Ah, Conservatives, the Facts Are Not Their Friends: Katherine Kersten - Bunkum Award

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Doggone
Hysterical apocalyptic fear mongering, and propose solutions which create the worst possible outcomes. Facts are not the friends of conservatives.
Hell, Kersten is probably proud to be able to tell people her work has received an award, and as so many conservatives like to do when cherry-picking, will leave out that it was an award for being not just bad, but incredibly, awesomely, extraordinarily bad.
Although she is not as bad as the Jeb "no baggage" Bush education adviser who has earned a (Get a) life time achievement award for being bad.  Yes, our own Kkkkrazy right wing extremist still has something for which she may aspire. 
I'm sure the right wing think tank she works for doesn't care if what she produces is total CRAP; they probably pay extra for it.  But I haven't seen any acknowledgment by the STrib of the award - unless they buried it so deep that I missed it.
Three cheers for the consistency in intellectual dishonesty that is the far right wing; they're still awful at facts, still reject real science, they continue to produce policy plan failures, and they're still racist.

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