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Agra Hotel Owner Tries to Molest a British Female Tourist – Woman Jumped from Hotel Room to Escape

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Itzmealie @ideasonclick

Agra Hotel owner tried to molest a British tourist in his hotel when she was in her roon at 4:00 am in morning. Hotel owner offered her for a free oil massage and she denied but he forced her for the massage. Later on hotel owner called his security guard and tried again and started knocking at the door of the room. She jumped from her hotel room to escape from this assault. She got fracture in her leg while escaping from hotel room by jumping outside from the balcony to save herself from this pre-planned molesting attempt.
She was on tourist visa here in India. Later on authorities transferred her to another hotel and full security. molester arrested but owner is denying the charges.
Now a days these sexual and rape attempts in India increasing day by day in different states, specially uttar pradesh. Some days back a Swiss tourist was rapped in-front of her husband in India. Indian girls are being rapped again and again. But Indian Govt. is not taking actions against these rappers.
We have seen the video scandals of Indian Police in past. Some police men caught rapping a woman in Police van on camera and now a days public is doing these illicit acts and there is nobody to stop them. This is not only happening with outsiders or tourists but Indian girls are not saved from these attempts.


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