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After West Ham (1968), Watford (1982) and Southampton (2014): a Dozen Questions

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland
Jake: 'Gus didn't feel it right to show his face here!'

Jake: ‘Gus didn’t feel it right to show his face here!’

Still on the national news, still getting ribbed mercilessly if someone spots the SAFCSA membership card in my wallet, still feeling numb …

So 12 questions. A mug for the best answers posted below, as judged by Monsieur Salut (who drove 1,200km to be at this debacle). You can answer one or more or all of them. You can be a supporter of any club you choose (or that chose you) but you must have a UK delivery address to qualify for the life-altering prize …

1 If you are old enough to have been at all three 8-0 games, how did this one rate?

2 And if you got to either of the games immediately after the first two (3-0 vs Coventry 1968, 4-1 vs Norwich 1982), what are your memories of the atmosphere/morale/performance?

3 Who was the wag that came up with the After Eight joke – and can we be sure Arsenal are not already planning to go one better?

4 What was the instant reaction in the dressing room when the Lads got wind of Vito Mannone’s proposed whipround?

5 Which member/s of the Sunderland squad, starting line-up and three subs, have dared go out to do their own weekly shopping?

6 What persuaded Guy Poyet that Liam Bridcutt at rightback was a price worth paying for getting Wes Brown off?

Jake invites support

Jake invites support


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7 Which part of his week of history-making will John O’Shea remember longest?

8 What would the score have been if Forster had been sent off, a penalty awarded and Sunderland pulled back to 1-2?

9 Which Sunderland players stand a chance of avoiding minus ratings when young Keir Bradwell sends in his marks out of 10?

10 What’s the wittiest or nastiest jibe you’ve heard from a Mag (at work, on message boards etc)?

11 And what would have been your response to the Southampton fan who told P Sixsmith, P Horan and M Salut “amazing fans … so sportsmanlike… loved your away kit”?

12 When does David Moyes start work?

M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake

M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake

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