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After U.S. Election Results, Romney Voters Threaten To Move To Conservative Winter Wonderland Of Canada

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

CNN reports that some voters who are upset that Mitt Romney did not get elected are threatening to move to Canada… you know, the country with universal healthcare, tighter banking regulation, legalized gay marriage, and countless other policies the Republican party probably does not support.

So it makes total sense that an angry voter from Houston or New Orleans would want to deal with that stuff, snow, and one hour line-ups to buy donuts at Tim Hortons.

3 More Countries That Make Less Sense To Threaten To Move To After The Election

1. Kamchatka. Moving to Kamchatka may seem as easy as rolling the dice and crossing over from Alaska, but since you seem to have learned your geography from the board game Risk, we have bad news: this is not a country! Plus, you are more likely to be mauled by a Kamchatka brown bear there, than in Phoenix.

2. Cuba. Like Canada, and Kamchatka, it can be easy to confuse these regions that start with a hard “c” sound and end with the letter “a”. But even if you did want to move to this socialist nation to exercise your conservatism, American law forbids you under most circumstances from going there or doing business there, so your Diners Club card is totally not going to work there.

3. Puerto Rico. Okay, if you’re threatening to move here, you really haven’t been paying attention to the finer details of the election, like the fact that Puerto Rico is already part of the United States, and its citizens voted in support of becoming an actual U.S. state. So moving there, if it becomes a state, would be somewhat ironic.

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