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After 7 Days of Leaving My Assets on Nexo I Have Earned More Interest Than Having 7.5k Euro in My Bank’s Savings Account for 1.5 Years

Posted on the 27 September 2021 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity

Year ago I have closed my savings account after 1 year maturity to see what interest exactly I have earned. I laughed when I received statement few days later giving me a breakdown of accrual – 18euro gross, 13 after taxes (my country taxes interest). After seeing that I did not extend my account and moved money.

I hope crypto financial services stay legal because this is what newer generations need. Younger people will never be able to save enough with 0.01% rates while main account is in negative interest rate if exceeded certain amounts. I would move all my assets onto Nexo and other services if I had enough balls but the risk of this novel finances are too high imo, unfortunately. Governments will probably try to ban it or regulate the shit out of it soon enough.

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