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Advice to My American Friends: Don't Let Obama Take Your Guns!

By Davidduff

This is quite something:

Advice to my American friends: Don't let Obama take your guns!

This is called an MRAP, or, a Mine Resistant Armor Protected vehicle.  Just the job, you might think if you are an American, because it should keep the chaps safe and sound out in Afghanistan or some other murky corner of the American empire.  Well, it may, but - yes, you knew there was a 'but' coming - it's not for use in foreign fields, oh dear me, no, it's intended for operations - on the street where you live!

Your Homeland Security Department (CEO: Ms. Janet Napolitano; Chairman: B. Obama) have just purchased a few of these monster machines, well, I say 'a few', what I mean is, a few hundred . . . er, well, actually, a few thousand . . . that is, 2,700, to be exact!  And, just in case it transpires that all you gun-toting Republicans are better armed than your government, they have also bought a few hundred  thousand   million - sorry, sorry - I mean, billion bullets, er, 1.6 billion, to be exact.  And whilst they are busy spending your money to 'tool themselves up', they are equally busy trying to disarm you!

Not that they don't have your best interests at heart, as you can tell from all those nice government drones that circle around your neighbourhood.  And whilst President Obama might kill American citizens he is always meticulous in doing so when they are overseas - by the way, exactly where are you planning to holiday this year? 

Er, have a nice day!


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