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Adventure Quickies: Patagonia Closes Its Doors for Climate Change, Outdoor Adventure Insurance, and More

Posted on the 20 September 2019 by Kungfujedi @Kungfujedi

Adventure Quickies are our weekly round up of all of the things we didn't have time or space to cover elsewhere. They include briefs on new gear items, trail stories, and big expeditions, with links to find out more. So here's what we have on tap this week:

  • Endurance Swimmer Crosses English Channel 4 Times: There was a time when swimming the English Channel was seen as quite the feat of endurance. The bar has been significantly raised on that challenge however as earlier this week an endurance athlete and cancer survivor named Sarah Thomas became the first person to swim it four times in a single go.
  • 'Spanish Stonehenge" Remerges After Decades Under Water: A massive drought across Spain has had a surprising side effect, unearthing an ancient site that was built nearly 5000 years ago. Dubbed the "Spanish Stonehenge" the site was covered in water back in the 1960s when a hydroelectric damn was built nearby. But with water supplies dwindling it has reemerged after decades have passed.

That's all for this Friday! Much more coming next week.

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