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Advanced Smartphone Accessories At Lazada Now At Mouth-watering Rates!

By Ashik Gosaliya

Do you ever wish you were in two places at once? The pressures of modern life are such that we wish we had a few clones working for us! One could stay in office while the other could get groceries. The third would pick up your kids from school while you manage another client call that you had set up months ago.

This is where gadgets, especially smart phones have made our lives easier. Smart phones help us stay connected to our different worlds. From having that client calls on Skype to calling up your parents, from setting up and checking your calendar to checking the news on the go. Smart phones have optimized existing systems to give you the flexibility of doing all this while on the go.

Hence it becomes even more important to ensure that these magic devices are well used and well preserved. Lazada presents you with some accessories that will ensure that your smart phones give you better service for longer., an online shopping giant presents you with up to date products at extremely affordable rates. Club these discounted rates with abundant discount coupon codes and voucher codes available at, and you will save a bucket load of money on the deal.

Here are some accessories that will make your lives easier:

Power Bank


When you need your smartphones for all your activities, it is only natural that the batteries deplete at a super fast rate. Charge your mobile phone on the go with this power bank. The power bank is small, it’s handy and its frequency of charging depends upon the capacity of the power bank you purchase. Grab the Remax Tape Power Bank, only at Lazada, today!

Smart Watch

Now check your meetings, messages and missed calls without needing to lift your phone. You can also make and receive calls and listen to music if you want with this device that can be worn on the wrist. Smart watches ensure that you are connected to your phone even if you don’t have it on you every second of the day! How convenient! This watch on Lazada, available at an 81% is a must buy!

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

These babies let you enjoy music to the fullest using your hand held device. Just pair your smart phone with the speakers and enjoy the music. This device is like a godsend if you are traveling in a group and want to share your music. Or you are at a remote location but cannot go without music for a long stretch. Try the Bluetooth speakers available at Lazada available at a whopping 75% discount.

Cell Phone Camera Lenses

These cell phone camera lenses help you enhance your photo shooting experience using your phone. Just clip these lenses on your mobile phone lens and enjoy PRO level photography on your phone! This package of mobile phone lens comes in a set of three, fish eye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens, each suited for a different kind of photography. Grab your set at Lazada now!

Enlarged Screen With Speaker

This screen magnification device can enlarge the picture three times. It comes in with inbuilt speakers for you to enjoy your mini home theater on the go. With HD technology and adjustable angle design, you will get a great visual and audio experience. This device is ideal for camping trips, treks and long distance travel in a group. Buy yours from Lazada at a 55% discount.

Advanced Smartphone Accessories At Lazada Now At Mouth-watering Rates!

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