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Adult-Minor Sexual Attraction in Adult Homosexual and Heterosexual Men

Posted on the 19 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

Tulio asks:

And one question, are gay men more likely to be attracted to young boys than straight men to young girls?

Actual pedophilic attraction is much more common among gay than among straight men. That is because 35% of all child molestations (age 12-under) are of boys and almost all of those are done by adult men and not adult women. Only 3% of men, at most, are gay, according to the latest surveys. So 3% of all men are committing 35% of all child molestations. I used to go to a site called Wikisposure, an anti-pedophile site that profiled a number Net pedophiles. They had ~300 pedophiles profiled there. I noticed that far more than 3% of the profiles were of boylovers. In fact, a huge % of the profiles were of boylovers. 35% would not surprise me at all.

The Cultural Left has gone nuts with this finding and has come to the bizarre conclusion that gay pedophiles are somehow not gay! Because, you see, gay men are turned on by men, and pedophiles are turned on by boys. Therefore, 0% of gay men are pedophiles. Of course that makes no sense at all, but never mind. The PC crap was good enough for the American Psychological Association (gone over to the Cultural Left long ago) to imbibe, so it must have been good stuff.

A ready explanation is avialable. The best current theory is that homosexuality is a developmental disorder that is caused by fluctuations in sex hormones during pregnancy. Pedophilia also seems to be a developmental disorder with similar origins. So it follows that if they are both developmental disorders, it would not be unusual for more than one developmental disorder to be present ion an individual given a common pathway.

But gay men are much more likely to have sex with young teenage boys than straight men are to have sex with young teenage girls.

25% of all gay men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Only 6% of straight men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Also studies have shown that for straight men, the most attractive females are age 24.

For gay men, the most attractive males are age 19-20.

So you can see that gay men are much more wired towards younger males than straight men are towards younger females.

There’s a lot of truth to the stories about chicken hawks and gay men and gay teenage boys. The love between adult men and teenage boys has been idealized as a gay ideal dating all the way back to Antiquity (Greece and Rome). It continues to this day in places like Afghanistan with the bacha boys phenomenon. Death and Venice was not written in a vacuum. There’s something to it after all. Sometimes I wonder if gay men’s attraction towards younger males is biological, although I know that sounds nuts.

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