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Adsy Review 2023: Is It Best Guest Posting Service in Market?

Posted on the 13 January 2023 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Adsy review 2023:  Is it really the best guest posting service on the market? We’ll see.  I obviously have an answer but let’s not cloud your judgment just yet, eh?

If you’re a website owner you probably can use Adsy one way or the other. You may use it to get guest posts published for your site, or you can offer your site for publications.

The best part? You can browse Adsy completely free. Moreover, you even get a $15.00 bonus credit simply for signing up.

But hey, free credits and mighty claims do not it the best guest posting service, do they? Let’s dive deeper into the platform for a closer look, eh?

What is Adsy?

Adsy is a platform that lets you get your guest posts published on high quality websites. It also helps you make money by listing your website if you’re a site owner.

Need content for your website? Adsy has a content creation team comprising of 15+ members.

The site offers an extremely easy UI for both publishers and buyers.

I mentioned “high quality” earlier and that wasn’t just a keyword. On Adsy, each site:

  • Will be at least 6 months old
  • Must have DA 15+
  • Must not have more than 30% MOZ spam score
  • And, the website must not be hosted on a free web host.

Let’s see what it offers and what’s missing then?


Signing up at Adsy takes seconds. There are no forms to fill, no personal details to be shared. The process takes less than 2 minutes at best.

You simply choose if you wish to join as a “Publisher” (you own a website) or as a buyer (you wish to get your posts published).

Adsy Registration

It then allows signing up via:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Or directly an e-mail.

Adsy signup options

Even account verification isn’t necessary to start browsing Adsy. You can look at anything and everything on the site without verifying your e-mail.

I’d say that’s nice start, isn’t it?

Extremely advanced and specific search filters

I’ll be honest (and a bit biased here), I was blown away with the search filters Adsy threw at me.

Adsy gave me quite a few search metrics to search for:

Adsy Search Filters

It’s like they’ve thought of every single factor you may consider when selecting your guest post targets.

You can search for your target site using:

  • Price range: This obviously is the first question that should be asked, right? Despite what’s available on the site, you can only buy what your pocket affords. Hence, you get to select a minimum and maximum price range for the sites.
  • DA: Domain Authority has evolved into almost a site’s “worth measure”, hasn’t it? The minimum DA a site can have on Adsy is 15 while the max is obviously 100.
  • Traffic: Obviously, you get to choose the amount of traffic each site receives.
  • Dofollow/nofollow links: You can also search for sites offering either Dofollow or Nofollow links. Obviously the Nofollow links are cheaper.
  • Google News: You can choose to only find sites that appear in Google News. These are more expensive but worth it.
  • DR: DR shows the strength of the backlink profile for a site. You can read more about it in my Ahrefs review.
  • Spam score: Lets you see how clean the site is and you get to select the min-max spam score you’re okay with. Again, my Moz vs. Semrush review has a better explanation if you need.
  • Service type: You can chose if you only need the content published, or you want the publication + an unique content piece done for you.
  • Majority traffic region: The “country” filter lets you select the country sending most traffic to the site.
  • Language: Obviously you get to select the primary language of the site.
  • Categories: This lets you select the category of the site you want to publish on.
  • Sponsorship label: I didn’t expect to find this one here! This lets you choose if your guest post should or shouldn’t have a sponsored/promoted label.
  • “Added to Adsy”: You can choose a date when the target site was added to the platform. Selecting older sites may be a good idea here.
  • Publisher’s completion rate: Yet another metric you generally don’t see on other similar sites. It shows the % of completed tasks for each publisher (it’s shown individually for each site they’ve got listed).
  • Time required: There’s a TAT metric, it lets you select the time you’re willing to wait for the publication of each piece. It can be as low as 1 day or as high as 10+ days.
  • Ratings: These are basically rating stars. You can select the rating stars you want your target publisher to have.
  • Link timetime: There’s this metric called “Average lifetime of links”. It shows the “percent” of the “length of the links’ lifetoime” that each publisher offers. In other words, any publisher with a high % of lifetime is a better option.
  • Security deposit: If you set this to “Yes”, you’ll only see publisher who have made a security deposit so that you get a refund if your post is deleted/edited after it’s approved.

So, those were all the search metrics you get. I can’t come up with any other metric that I’d pay attention to, can you?

Detailed site stats

I did personally like the stats shown for each site. For each listed site, I can see:

Adsy Guest Posting Sites Stats

  • URL (this is shown once you add funds to your account).
  • Category of the site
  • Price for publication
  • Prices for content creation (scroll down for details)
  • DA
  • DR
  • Completion rate
  • Spam score
  • Monthly traffic
  • Country
  • Link type etc.

Makes picking the most promising site easy, doesn’t it?

Bulk packages (based on DA/ Traffic or specific types of links).

The search filters are impressive but manually searching for sites does require time and efforts.

If you’re too busy, or just need multiple sites in bulk that you’d rather not search for manually, Adsy has “packages” for you.

Adsy experts manually find the best sites according to your requirements and share the links with you. Your posts go live only once you approve the sites.

The minimum no. of sites you can order using packages is 5 and the maximum is 100.

The content too is provided by expert Adsy copyrighters. The pricing is fixed at $50.00/1000 words. You can specify up to 3 links and 3 anchor texts for your content!

I’ll be honest, it’s not cheap. But hey, they’d know exactly what type of content gets approved on these high quality sites so there’s that!

You can go for either:

Adsy Advanced Filters

  • Traffic prioritization: This package lets you select a traffic-range for your target sites.
  • DA prioritization: As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, you get to select the DA of the sites you’d like to publish at. (You can also request specific DR instead of DA if that metric matters more to you).

Keep reading, there’s one more package type!

5 different link-type packages

It’s no secret that different types of links pass link juices with varying strength.

Adsy lets you get your package based on “type of links” as well. You can choose from:

Adsy link type packages

  • DR 70+ links
  • Forum links
  • Quora links
  • Reddit links
  • And finally Local directory links

If you’re reading this Adsy review, I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by trying to explain the differences among these.

Open offers (bids/auction)

This is a feature a lot of services across many different industries need, but lack.

You get to create an open offer. This will let you:

Adsy Features

  • Share the URL you wish to promote.
  • Share an approximate price you’re okay with.

Publishers get notified of your offer once it’s created. They can then suggest you their offers/bids.

You’ll get a publisher’s URL, pricing and all the other details.

You then get to pick the publisher that fits your requirements and budget.

Because this uses a “bidding” system, it generally helps you find the best offers at the cheapest prices.

Optional content creation for guest posts

Don’t have the guest post and didn’t order it from Adsy’s team? That’s fine.

Adsy does offer the ability to order content while ordering your guest posts. You’ll obviously have to pay extra. Also, this content is done by the target site’s team and not by Adsy content creators.

The pricing of the content depends on the content length, no. of allowed links and obviously each individual site owner.

Here’s an idea:

  • Mini content: These are up to 300 words with 1 link- $15-$25.00
  • Normal article: Up to 1000 words, with 2 links- $15.00-$130+
  • Long articles: More than 1000 words- $15.00- $150.00+

*Do note that the pricing differs for each site and publisher. The mentioned prices are just the lowest and highest prices I’ve seen for each content type.

Content purchase (without guest post)

Adsy isn’t only for those who wish to purchase guest posts.

You also can order content individually. You may or may not use it for your guest post.

Adsy Content Purchase

All orders placed via this “Content Purchase” tab are done by Adsy’s team of writers.

You get to select:

  • A Category
  • Title & keywords
  • Content goal
  • Target audience
  • And even include sample content.

This ensures your content hits the target and doesn’t die out as just another article on the web.

Here’s the pricing:

  • 500 words: $25.00
  • 1000 words: $50.00
  • 1500 words: $75.00
  • 2000 words: $100.00

Other Adsy features I find helpful

Well, Adsy has a few other tricks up its sleeve. These aren’t massive features but I do find them helpful at times:

  • Lists: It lets me create allow/blocklists for both sites, as well as publishers. I’m sure you know what “blocklists” do. They ensure those sites/publishers do not show up in my searches. As for “allowlists”, it’s more like a “favourite” button, sites/publishers I like and would save for later references.
  • Recommended sites: Adsy has SEO experts (obviously). These experts compile a list of the best sites that you can find across various industries. The sites are best in terms of traffic/DA and other metrics + they’re cheap.

Verified publishers

You can optionally choose to view only “verified” publishers.

This tab shows you a list of publishers who have a proven publish-record of 70% or higher. This means, every site you see here will almost certainly accept your post.

Adding funds  to Adsy wallet

Adsy needs money to deliver work (who doesn’t?). You’ll need to add balance to your Adsy wallet first and then you can use that balance to order content or guest sites.

The minimum amount you can add to your Adsy wallet is $25.00 and the maximum is $2500.00

Obviously, many other amounts can be added in-between these two extremes as well.

As for payment modes, you can pay using:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Or even Cryptocurrencies!

Adsy refund policy

What if you’ve got leftover funds in your wallet? What if you didn’t like the service delivered to you?

Well, Adsy does have a refund policy in place.

You get 30-days to ask for a refund for any amount added to your Adsy wallet that has “not been reserved” for a task.

If you ordered a task, funds are reserved from your wallet to protect both you and the buyer.

If you do not like the work that’s delivered to you, you may raise a dispute. Adsy reviews all involved parties and passes a verdict.

Adsy for publishers

Obviously, you can also join Adsy as a “Publisher”. This will let you make money by accepting guest posts for your site.

You can then:

  • Either list your website
  • Or your Social media

You obviously get to list details about your website, choose your pricing and set all your other preferences.

Here are the fees associated with Adsy for you as a Publisher:

  • 4% commission for withdrawals via PayPal.
  • 45% for withdrawals via USDT (Cryptocurrency).
  • 90% fee for using Adsy services (the money is used for ads to get you more buyers).

The minimum withdrawal amount is $60.00.

Adsy review- Final verdict

So that’s all as far as this Adsy review goes folks. Time for my personal and subjective thoughts?

I do feel Adsy is one of the most transparent databases of high quality guest post sites on the web.

The search metrics you get, the pricing that’s offered, the packages and everything else make it pretty desirable.

There’s almost nothing I’d want improved except maybe bring the content prices down a bit. Yes, I’m okay even with the publication prices that’s demanded on average for most sites.

But hey, don’t take my word for it.  Here’s 100% free $15.00 in bonus credits for you!

Go sign up at Adsy, it’s free, and then use the $15.00 credit to get yourself a guest post. That I believe will help you form a better opinion than just reading this Adsy review, eh?

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