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Adidas Announces “Sport Infinity” Project, Didn’t Secure The Domain & It’s For Sale & Cheap

Posted on the 25 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Adidas announced a new zero-waste sporting project, made of a “inexhaustible 3-D super-material” that would prevent the products from ever being thrown away.

The name of it is Sport Infinity.

Interestingly, Adidas has yet to secure the matching domain name:,  is listed for sale on a buy now basis for just $1,999 on

According to the article: “Sport Infinity, its plan for a new breed of sporting goods that will never be thrown away. Instead, soccer players will be able to constantly reimagine and recycle their dream products using an inexhaustible 3-D super-material. Every gram of sportswear, including the boots of Leo Messi, will be broken down and remolded in a waste-free, adhesive-free process that gives consumers more personalization than ever before.”

The article continued with: “Sport Infinity is a research project led by Adidas and funded by the European Commission, which brings together a variety of industry and academic experts and combines broken-down sports products with excess materials from other industries. The soccer cleats of the future could contain everything from carbon used in aircraft manufacturing to fibers from the boots that scored during the World Cup.”

The project was first kicked off in June 2015 and Adidas joins 9 other industry leaders according to the article for the project. The domain name was registered a little more than a year prior to the project on May 10, 2014 and registered by a Hola Dominios Limitada who owns about 4,700+ domain names according to

Although this is just a current “research project”, I think the minimal investment to secure the matching domain name for it would be a wise investment.

If this really is as stated by Gerd Manz, Vice President Technology Innovation at Adidas: “a game-changing development for football fans.” then the domain purchase would be a smart one.

Well actually a no-brainier.

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