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Add Magic to Your Kids Vacation's -Teddy Travelogues

By Awanish Kumar @snazzyawi
During my childhood, I used to be a kid who was very close to nature and loved  my holiday's  with  family & relatives. In Summers we used to travel to my grandmother's place from Bhopal  to Govindgarh a very small village hidden in the midst of Wild nature, almost covering 800 k.m. of distance  by train or by road. From what I remember, every time we used to  travel for more than 24 hours. The journey was always full of fun,looking all those places, animals, rocks, rivers, jungle's  from train window,everything was new & fascinating. Being a kid you will always have some bubbling experiences throughout your childhood.You keep those memories for life time & later when you remind them,they will bring you an awful smile on your face.
Now coming to the topic, how we can add some magic in our child's vacation either we are traveling to a tourist place for long trip or we  are celebrating a festival at home. Can you remember all those vacation's where you bring your kids, you will feel the difference, those holidays with kid's will consist of some extra spice, some magical memories including immense love & fun in comparison to those in which you went without kid's.
Vacations are always full of fun for children's, they love everything, enjoying away from school life, full freedom from studies, no tuition's nothing no worries at all, close to family and friends. They just feel wonderful. In this I will share my view's on how we can add some extra magic to their holiday by keeping below 5 ways into consideration.Add Magic to Your Kids Vacation's -Teddy Travelogues

Kid's love long Vacation at Popular Resorts  : 

We all know that children's just love Resorts & Natural places. If you are planning for a long trip to a Resorts like (Asthamudi in Kerala, Binsar valley in Uttarakhand)Club Mahindra  provides  a various range of resorts which have Kids Club etc ,where you can sit back & relax, whereas your kid's will be taken care by Fun Rovers of  Club Mahindra, it might be possible they will have so much fun that, they probably won't want to leave the resort. These resorts have various activities for your kids including sports, workshops on guitar lessons, music etc, which will add some extra value to your kid's vacation.

Take them to their favorite Picnic Spot : 

On short holidays ,you can always visit nearest picnic spot in your locality ,In general kid's prefer natural places like Zoo's, Gardens, parks  etc. In case you don't have a natural one, you can always go for popular amusement parks or a water park.

Eg .In Mumbai we have Borivali National Park, Essel world, Imagica etc 

Children's Loves  Nature & its creativity (Manali  /Ooty /Mahabaleshwar ) /site Seeing :

We know that children's are very close to nature ,they love the Fl aura & Fauna, butterflies, flowers , gardens, rock, mountain everything. Site seeing while on holiday trips, its a best way  to add enthusiasm & fun & will add to general knowledge of our Kid's.

Add Magic to Your Kids Vacation's -Teddy Travelogues

Teddy Travelogues

To explore more about ,how you can add Magic to your kids vacation please read Teddy Travelogues powered by Club Mahindra ,which consist of  amazing travel stories of  kids from all over India. 

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