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Accidental Shooting of Man's Great-Nephew Whom He Mistook for a Coyote - The Kid's Dead, The Shooter Charged with a Misdemeanor

Posted on the 04 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
The Charleston Gazette reports
A Clay County man faces misdemeanor charges in the accidental shooting of his great-nephew.
Seventy-nine-year-old Alfred Dawson of Nebo told investigators that he thought he was shooting at a coyote when he shot 15-year-old Dillon Dawson.
The incident occurred March 10 on Alfred Dawson's property.
The Division of Natural Resources charged Alfred Dawson with negligent shooting fatality and shooting at a wild animal not plainly visible.
Investigators determined that Alfred Dawson was about 444 feet away from Dillon Dawson when he shot the teenager with a rifle.
Misdemeanor? Whaaat?!!!
Should a man like that, capable of doing what he did, continue to own guns? Is that possible? Even in West Virginia they can't be that crazy for guns.
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