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Access of Foreign Languages Among Famous Hollywood Movies

By Tlb

All people really love movies. No matter young or old you are, whether you go to a movie house or turn on your DVD players at home, people in general will not miss their week watching movies. Watching movies are one of the greatest means of relaxation and unwinding because it really is an effective entertainer, isn’t it?

No wonder movie making is one of the trends in the field of showbiz. Not just because versatile celebrities are acting in their utmost ability, but because the movie in itself is one way of conveying a message of communication. Which is why, in one way or another, watching movies are an effective tool to learn English language and other foreign languages.

But do you know that the influence of a viewed movie can also entice learners to learn language at some point? Some famous Hollywood movies actually have foreign languages included in them, and the lists below are few of the countless movies that have foreign languages in them. Can you name some? Here it is!

Karate Kid

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I’m sure you are familiar with this movie. The plot lays a story about a black American child named Dre Parker (Jaden Smith, the son of the famous Will Smith) who happens to finally migrate in China with his mother. He had a hard time getting bullied from children that happens to be a friend of his newly friend Mei Ying. At one point, he was physically abused by Chinese children who knows Kung Fu, until Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan) intervened and taught him the real essence of this martial art. The movie was great and if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you better watch it then.

At some point, the Karate Kid involves Chinese language. There was even a scene in the airplane where Dre was trying his best to speak Chinese to a Chinese man. Another scene was when Mr. Han talked to the trainer of those children who bullied Dre, and they used Chinese language. Lastly, Dre talked to Mei Ying’s father and he also uses Chinese language.

Anna and the King

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This is an incredibly beautiful story of a school teacher named Anna Leonowens, who happened to go to Siam (presently known as Thailand) and encounter the country’s ruler, King Mongkut. Anna’s adjustments with the country’s culture and here involvement with the king are extremely a wonderful movie to watch.

Siam, now recognized as Thailand, is part of this movie, which also includes the use of Thai language in various scenes. For a person who wants to learn Thai language, this movie is an inspiration to him.

The Eye

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Are you fond of horror movies? Well you definitely get spooked with Jessica Alba’s version of The Eye, taken from the original Chinese movie with the same title on 2002. The story rotates around Sydney Wells (Alba) when she had a cornea transplant one day. Instead of becoming normal, the restoration of her sight even made her see things that aren’t supposed to be seen.

What does the movie have to do with language learning? Well, one of the scenes involves Sydney pursuing to find who her eye donor was, and it happened that the donor was from Mexico, Spanish-speaking vicinity.

Hollywood movies can become a supplementary material to learn language right? Take note that these movies are actually not the learning methods that will teach you the foreign language that you wish to learn. The movies itemized below will serve as a motivator or inspiration to pursue language learning. So right now, decide to make language learning your precedence.

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