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ABC Film Challenge – Romance – I – Infamous (2020) Movie Review

By Newguy
ABC Film Challenge – Romance – I – Infamous (2020) Movie ReviewABC Film Challenge – Romance – I – Infamous (2020) Movie Review

Director: Joshua Caldwell

Writer: Joshua Caldwell (Screenplay)

Starring: Bella Thorne, Jake Manley, Amber Riley, Michael Sirow, Marisa Coughlan, Aaliyah Muhammad

Plot: Two young lovers rob their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result.

Tagline – Viral fame is a dangerous game

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Infamous starts by following teenager Arielle (Thorne) who wants out of her town, striving to become a social media celebrity, wondering why she never makes it with her following count. She meets ex-con Dean (Manley) which will see her reputation drawn to him, with his mystery before the two lover decide to runaway away committing a string of crimes to try and make it, with Arielle finally getting the social media following she desires.

Thoughts on Infamous

ThoughtsInfamous is a film that is trying to show the warnings of becoming obsessed with wanting a social media and wanting to become a celebrity at any stakes. Where this film completely misses the mark, is by showing us just how unlikable Arielle is in the first place, she might come from a difficult life, but she just isn’t making it easier for herself with the pair targeting the same hardworking people they don’t want to be part of. This is just a horrible film, shot badly, horrible characters a couple that just come off terribly for each other. The highlight of the stupidity in this film comes from Arielle commiting all these crimes with a giant tattoo exposed that will make it clear to identify her. It is just dull, offense and never gives us anything to support along the way.

Final Thoughts Infamous is just terrible, despite having the warning of how bad social media obsession can be.

ABC Film Challenge – Romance – I – Infamous (2020) Movie Review
ABC Film Challenge – Romance – I – Infamous (2020) Movie Review

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