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ABC Film Challenge – Horror – O – Outback (2019) Movie Review

By Newguy

Outback – Plain Bad

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – O – Outback (2019) Movie Review

Director: Mike Green

Writer: Brien Kelly, Mike Green (Screenplay)

Starring: Lauren Lofberg, Taylor Wiese, Brendan Donoghue, Kym Cramp, Jim Winton Porter

Plot: Down Under for an adventure-filled vacation, a young American couple quickly find themselves stranded in the unforgiving Australian outback.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Outback starts as we follow two America tourists Lisa (Lofberg) and Wade (Wiese) as they head to Australia for an adventure of a lifetime, even though it doesn’t start well after Lisa rejects the proposal from Wade. Wade has planned the trip, but Lisa wants to change the plan, which will see them drive into the outback and get lost.

The two try and figure out their position, only to find themselves lost on foot, separated in a battle to survive the elements and nature itself.

Thoughts on Outback

Characters & Performances – Lisa is the woman that just broke her partner’s heart by rejecting his proposal on their trip of a lifetime, she pushes Wade into going off the plan they had made before arriving and spends most of the time moaning at everything he does, including they when get stuck in the outback. Wade is down after having his heart broken and isn’t wanting to spend the time with Lisa, despite the trip being a dream of his too, he is left to try and find help, not willing to ask for directions or get a satnav to help them on the journey. The biggest problems with both these characters come from their decision making process, which is just terrible through the whole film, leaving you shaking your head at everything they do. The two actors really struggle to make anything from these bad characters.

StoryThe story follows two American tourists that get lost in the Australian outback and must battle the elements to survive. This is a story that will leave you frustrated with just how stupid the characters, you will find yourself shaking you head for the whole movie, because the story is so paper thin, nothing actually happens, we do end up watching a bloke piss for a solid 10-minutes combined time, which we don’t need to see, but he won’t blow the horn on the car after he finds it.

ThemesOutback is a horror thriller that shows the harsh reality of the outback in Australia if you get lost in it, we see how a couple are trapped here facing a hopeless outcome. The outback itself is the best part of the film, looking beautiful, while being deadly.

Outback is just a very bad movie that seemed to have a thin script and no characters we can invest in.

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – O – Outback (2019) Movie Review

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