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Aaron McCollum - the Industry of MiLab - Military Abductions

Posted on the 15 August 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN

Aaron McCollum - the industry of MiLab - Military Abductions

"Aaron McCollum"

I've always suggested that most UFOs are military vehicles funded by the Black Ops Budget.
While alleged-US navy whistleblower "Aaron McCollum" insists that there 'may be' good or benevolent E.T. abductions, he states that most so-called abduction experiences are indeed MILITARY ABDUCTIONS using special abductions teams armed with rohypnol and other mind-control drugs. And this includes, in my mind, really (in)famous abductions cases like Whitley Strieber's.
As it sounds like he himself is a victim of mind contron, I don't think Aaron knows everything about his real role in the MILAB scene, i.e. there may actually be NO ALIEN ABDUCTIONS and (as I believe) ALL UFO/ALIEN ACTIVITY is just your corporate government fucking around with you for their own PROFIT-driven purpose and/or benefit.
Remember, these Global Risk Game Players will use any tactic and trash any asset.
In this two-hour long interview on Pig Radio where Aaron is confronted by one of his MILAB abductee victims (Anya Briggs). Interesting media.

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