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A World of 7 Billion Fights to Save the Planet...and 300 Republicans Bent on Destroying Those Hopes!

Posted on the 08 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
“I see people in Beijing and New Delhi, where they can’t breathe, they just wear masks...If you can’t breathe the fucking air, wouldn’t you want to make a fundamental change?” ~~~ Bill Maher
The immorality of exploiting ignorance for greedy financial gains, while allowing the planet...and themselves, to die. When will America rise and make it known that something has to be done with our environment? before Rick Scott lets Florida finally sink altogether while the Atlantic Ocean flows westward towards New Orleans' new "oceanfront"? When will America realize that fresh water is a gift from nature? and if you fool around enough, mother nature will just say "fuck you", turn around and make your existence on this planet, a living hell...and not necessarily just hot!! No, water shortage? tell 'that' to the people in California!While the World in a truly bi-partisan way, have put Political, Cultural, and Social issues aside in favor of a global cooperation between fellow humans to save the planet! group, "301" Republicans in Washington, DC believe they know more than the remaining 7 Billion people in this Planet. At least, that's their message to their loyal minions, who will follow them off a cliff. The morality of the other 7 billion is not going to allow the immorality of the Republican Party selling their souls to Koch Industry. Their blatant opposition to the EPA so Koch doesn't have to keep paying record numbers in fines for Polluting and contaminating the Streams, and the Air in America. The selling of Federal Public Land to developers and the oil industry. Oil Industry? here comes the Kochs, again! the Pipeline? TransCanada and the millions of acres of Alberta Oil Fields, 'is' Koch Industry! The destruction of our shores, of our sea life, of our land, and our food and plant life...our animal planet!!And how about the rest of the world? They spew the concern of liberating every country on Earth from Political suppression! American style Democracy for all Nations! But where is the 'Respect'? where is that Concern? the compassion for China, for India, for Indonesia, for Brazil, Russia, Japan? Billions of people on this Earth and one tiny group of Degenerates, saying fuck you!!
Morality will win always has. Throughout the History of Mankind, we've had the lowest common denominator of immorality, trying to control all the end? sane, moral people know what to do best!If you are a Climate Denier? fine! If you believe in the Right of Free Speech? fine! If you believe in Constitutional Rights? fine! And if you believe in the Bible? whatever happens, God meant it? Please, proceed!!
You don't have to believe in shit! But, if you believe so much pushing for Democracy? then step aside and go back to your caves!! The rest of the world wants to survive a little more comfortably!
If you think all Scientists on Earth are wrong? then come up with the solution to save the planet!...if you can't? then shut up! and allow common sense to rule. You don't need rocket science, to know that if you're not an expert in a certain field?...listen to those who are!! If 99 of 100 Climate Scientists say there's a big problem, is just common sense...listen to them!!
They say that Global Temperature has risen 1.4 F. degrees since 1880. Is it a lot? don't really know!...but if they say it's bad? I'm going to naturally, listen....they know more than I do!! There's good hope for Human Intelligence to win out!...but, in every story of good deeds, you gotta have the "Heel". The Villain!...the proverbial fight between Right and Wrong! Justice and Injustice! Once again! the Republicans are playing the role of the Heel...once again, interfering in World Negotiations while undermining their own government! And promising to break all treaties signed by Obama when the GOP takes power.The UN Intergovernmental Panel's released analysis from 800 Scientists on Climate Change: "The Earth will face 'severe', pervasive and 'irreversible' damage if we don’t switch to zero- and low-carbon sources of electricity” "human beings and the planet’s ecosystems will suffer unprecedented losses from even more severe and frequent weather events”. And in conclusion? “We have the means to limit climate change. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”Publicly Warning the World the that The Republicans are going to undermine the entire World's efforts in the survival of our planet, and the human race?? Wow!! that Christian Republican Compassion, you just can't never have enough of it!!3 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Fight to Save the Climate | The Nation

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