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A Work of Art: "Overseas Dominance" by the One, the Only, Brian Scalabrine

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Scal's got that "J." 
The "White Mamba,"     if you will     shows off his skills in a Euroleague match-up for his team in Italy, and elsewhere.
Click "Read More" to see the highlight video I found on YouTube.Here they are:

Who was that?
Dirk Nowitzki?
Andrea Bargnani?
That was the one, the only, Brian Scalabrine.
Yes, one of the NBA's fan favorites. And one of my favorites as well.
He may also be one of the more under appreciated players in the league right now... To be honest, I'm really waiting for him to just erupt for 50 in an NBA game... Hey, It's possible.

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