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A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad

By Harvie

A guy called the "Lord" left a comment a few weeks ago saying that he wanted to know what a day in the life of me was like. Because I 'love' giving back to my readers, I've gone one better and given you a snapshot of the an average week in the life of Bangkok's number #1 blogger.*

*May not be true.

The Monday morning ritual

Every Monday morning starts off the same way. After my morning boner settles, I open my music playlist and find this song:

This song reminds me of where I was and where I am now. I came from a small town in England to selling $9 eBooks, and now etching out a pathetic existence of a life in Asia.


Next I drink some ice cold water with a squeezed lime, followed by brewing a cup of bullet proof coffee and listing my goals for the week:

A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad

I read a book called the Compound Effect and it said that writing down your goals and seeing them daily helps you achieve them, so I figure I'd give it a try. It's also nice to own a white board so I can tell others at every possible opportunity. This makes me feel like I'm better than them and more focused in life because they don't own one.

In fact, the goals on the white board don't even matter anymore, it has become more important to me that people know I use a white board. Having your own white board is a bit like being a vegan or doing crossfit, it's all about letting other know.

But seriously, living in Thailand can make you get so lazy because it's cheap to live here.You don't need to do a fat lot to get by or live nicely. I make an okay living and can do what I want, but I feel like it's a trap if I keep doing this.

I don't want to be doing what I'm doing now when I'm 35. I want to relax and work 0 hours, so having goals and trying to reaching them stops me from getting into such a rut.

The goals above is just me trying to be funny, but I often set goals that put me in a better position for the future than I would have been the week before.

Early mornings and afternoons

As a rule of thumb, I will never leave my apartment before 2pm. I like to get my 'work' done in the morning to set myself up for the rest of the day. 11am until 2pm usually consist of me sitting on my Ikea chair in my boxers working as the fan blows in my face.

Work involves flicking through social media and jacking off to holiday pictures of female Facebook friends, with a little bit of freelance writing mixed in.

I don't have to do this, but I find putting time and energy in work or some kind of project balances me. As the saying goes, idle hands make work for the devil, and Bangkok is just the place to ruin someone who has too much time on their hands.

Doing some kind of work and seeing results in the form of a blog comment, cash money or just feeling better is something many who make the move to Thailand often forget to do.

Movie night Wednesday

Some years ago I found that cinemas in Thailand only charge 100 baht entry on Wednesdays. Since then, I made a vow never to watch a movie on any other night. Wednesday is my only window for watching a movie.

I go almost every week without fail. Last week I watched Magic Mike XXL, I didn't want to watch it nor would I ever watch it if it was on TV but...

A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad
You'll be able to spot me at either Major Ekkamai, Emprive or Terminal 21 every Wednesday without fail. I wear one of them gay strap bags where I hide my popcorn and snacks. Feel free to say hello and buy me a box of popcorn if you do see me:

A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad

Late afternoons or evenings

Anywhere between 3pm-8pm is when I play sports. Either football, badminton or squash.

Yes, my life is pretty boring and I'd stop reading here if I were you and go to a blog that's actually interesting.

I try to play 6 times a week and run the other day. I'm big on keeping healthy and not dying of AIDS.

A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad

I eat like I'm on a lifetime bulk and hardly leave my computer chair when I'm at home, so I put on weight fast. When I first got here I was 89kg, after joining the gym and playing sports, I'm got down to 82kg, 7% body fat and 100% shredded.


The best days to run in Bangkok are the weekends. Why? Because that's when most girls have their holidays from work.

I'll usually head to Benjasiri Park around 5pm when the sun goes down to creep, I mean run.

I'll do anywhere between 4-6 laps at a slow pace and watch others running, playing basketball, volleyball and that game where you kick a football over the net.

It's kind of gay but fun at the same time.

A typical evening with Harvie

No magic is happening with an evening with me, that's for sure.

My evenings are just as boring as my mornings and afternoons. I've gotten into cooking as I find it relaxes me. I'll often cook my own food in the evenings, surf the web, meet friends for dinner or cuddle up with a nice good book.

Eating out

As much as I love my own cooking (it's like eating pig shit), I eat out a few times a week. As I avoid Bangkok street food when I can, I'll go for dinner 2-4 times a week somewhere semi-upscale but not too pricey. For example, last week I went to Tororo Sushi on Sukhumvit 63, Teppen on 61 and Som Tam Nua in Siam.

A Week In The Life Of A Bangkok Digital Nomad
You live an incredibly boring life Harvie, now get to the hookers, blow and booze

Yes, I'm a boring kunt.

I don't know what it is but I rarely go out and enjoy the Bangkok nightlife these days.

And it's not because I have a crazy Thai girlfriend who watches my every step and threatens to kill herself if I do drink with friends.

I'm just bored of it all. I've been here a little over 3 years and it doesn't interest me that much at the moment.

My boy Single Man's Paradise talks about hangovers and it's why I kind of stopped drinking so much. I'm also at a place in my life where I want to do something big and start a business, or do more then just bang Thai hookers and pray they don't ask me for money in the morning.

Weekly interactions with English speaking people is a must

Whatever happens each week, I need to talk to some Bangkok expats and just shoot the shit. If I've spent all day in my 12sq meter apartment, I'll get a bit stir crazy and have to leave. Sometimes I'll just walk up and down a few Sois to get that vitamin D.

One thing I've after moving to Bangkok is you need to stay active, mentally and physically. Anyway, this is a typical week in my life. What's your average week look like? Leave a comment or go fuck yourself.

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