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A Tiny Trickle of Blood Briefly Sullied the White Halls of Congress

By Davidduff

But everyone ignored it!  I watched some of the Congressional committee hearings on the murder of four American officials in Benghazi last year.  I'm afraid I lost my temper - yes, I know, difficult to imagine, but I did! - because Fox News is rubbish!  When Sky News reports on some important happening, say, a Parliamentary committee hearing on a 'headline' case, they broadcast the whole thing without interruptions for adverts.  Not so with Fox News-interruptus, if I may rename it.  I suppose there is some excuse for the adverts in that they pay for the lights and heating, etc, but there is no excuse for giving valuable time to all those bimbettes with fright-white teeth who proceed to tell us all again what we just heard - whilst the live proceedings are going on without us!  I used to be in love with Megan Kelly but now she has joined the rather large group of people on TV whose faces I want to punch!

Anyway, I saw just about enough to be well and truly sickened.  It was politicians doing what politicians do which is bad enough on the normal day-to-day stuff but this concerned the murders of four public servants aided and abetted by gross governmental inefficiences and sullied beyond shame by a deliberate campaign of outright lying by the White House and the State Department then under 'HillBilly's' control.  If the Republican membes of the committee were salivating at the chance to land hard punches on the Obama apparat they at least had virtue on their side as they sought to uncover the cover up.  The Democrats, or at least the ones Fox News-interruptus allowed me to see from time to time, were utterly despicable, full of cant and humbug, weeping crocodile tears on behalf the dead men, assuring the so-called 'whistle-blowers' that there would be no retaliation against their careers, before laying into them and more or less accusing them of lying.

If I was an American I would be deeply ashamed.  If I was a member of one of the victims' families, I would be in despair.  As it is, I'm an Englishman, and I wouldn't trust the Obama apparat or the Democrat party as far as I could piss into a gale!  Obama almost succeeds in making Putin look like a straight arrow!


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