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A Tale of Children's Neurology and Bloody Murder

By Babyjandbean
A Tale of Children's Neurology and Bloody MurderToday was Bean's neurology follow up. It went great! We don't need to go back. Ever. That is unless he starts doing "funny stuff," as his neurologist put it. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that he never have a reason to go back. The only thing the Dr. stressed is that we need to follow up with cardiology. We know that. He's scheduled for April 1. No joke.
Bean is having a lot of trouble adjusting to the time change. That combined with his usual sleep problems resulted in a very sleepy little boy this morning. I was barely able to wake him enough to get dressed to leave. Then, when we got there, he was his usual little showman. He was clicking and trilling and smiling and hi-five'ing the doctor. If we didn't know better, we would have never known that this was the same child that couldn't go anywhere a year ago without screaming for the duration. 
Baby J was still asleep when it was time to leave so he stayed home with his Nani (my mother). Usually, he has a blast with her. Not today, though. When Bean and I got home, we heard Baby J screaming bloody murder as we approached the door. I couldn't get in the door fast enough. I thought for sure he was hurt and needed his mommy. Nope. When I got inside, I saw that my mother was mid-haircut. Baby J HATES getting his hair cut. He was trying to get all the hair off his face and out of his mouth by rubbing his hair-covered hands all over his face and mouth. It wasn't a pretty sight. But the finished product was. Gone is Baby J's mop of hair and he's now sporting a big boy cut. I can't get over how grown up he looks. See?
A Tale of Children's Neurology and Bloody Murder
This is him enjoying a plum after his trauma.You can see that he still has a puffy nose and eyes after all the crying. But he's over it now and enjoying spending time and playing with Nani.
In other news, I'm excited to be doing some new volunteer work and getting more involved with the Williams Syndrome Association. I've been really craving some intellectual and social stimulation and I am looking forward to getting to know more families affected by Williams Syndrome.
Anyway, I'm glad to have the neurology appointment over and even happier that we don't need to go back. No offense to Bean's doctor. He's fantastic. Up next is the diagnostic referral group next week to make sure that we're seeing everyone that we need to be seeing and make sure that they are all communicating and coordinating with each other. Sounds like exactly what we need!

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