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A Shining Example of What the UK Government *should* Have Been Doing for the Last Two-and-a-half Years...

Posted on the 11 February 2019 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From Sky News:
The government has signed a trade deal with Switzerland, heralded as the most significant such agreement in the run-up to Brexit.
The deal, known as a trade continuity agreement, will guarantee future trading terms between the two countries once the UK has left the EU.
It was signed, in the Swiss city of Bern, by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and the Swiss federal councillor Guy Parmelin.

Top trolling by the Swiss - the UK couldn't be bothered to send anybody of note to sign, so the Swiss probably just drew lots in the canteen.
The agreement is designed to remove the threat of additional tariffs in trade between the two countries and to also to lift the possibility of additional duties on "the vast majority of goods".
The government says that "trading on these preferential terms", as opposed to sticking to the terms of the World Trade Organisation, "will deliver significant savings and help to safeguard British jobs".

But excellent stuff nonetheless, we just need a hundred more of these.
And a shining example of what they shouldn't be doing:
Counting the cost
...we can look back at the whole period since the referendum and compare the level of GDP in the latest data to the OBR’s March 2016 pre-referendum forecast (which assumed the UK would remain in the EU).
Building on economists’ expectation for 2018 Q4 to the ONS data suggests the economy is 1.1 per cent smaller than that pre-referendum forecast. In annual GDP terms that’s worth around £23 billion, or about £800 per annum for every household in the UK.

Because OBR/Treasury forecasts have always been so reliable.
IIRC, GDP growth is down since 2016 in most European countries including Germany. Which is presumably also because of Brexit.

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