A Review of The Best Shoes for Teachers in 2019

Posted on the 04 December 2019 by Zoey Fawell @Zoey_hioutside

If you're a teacher, you spend a lot of time with learners in classrooms. You spend a lot of your time standing up on your feet as you impart knowledge to learners. With prolonged hours of standing, you begin to develop physical problems such as back pains, muscle fatigues, and painful feet just to mention a few.

But with proper footwear, you will notice improvements in your physical well-being. Wearing the best shoes for teachers will, therefore, help you to engage learners in studies better. Such shoes have all the necessary features to keep you safe from shocks and other pain-causing factors.

Just to shorten your time of getting the best pair, we have rounded up incredible options for you. Both male and female teachers deserve to have the proper footwear to work. Be sure to check out all the shoes below so you can find your best pair.

Also, we have included a buyer's guide to help you buy the right pair of teachers' shoes. You will stand a better chance of buying the best pair on the market after reading our buyer's guide. So, spare a few minutes to go through it.

What are some of the best shoes for teachers to buy this year?

These shoes feature a slip-on design, making them have one of the easiest shoe entries. They're, therefore, perfect dress shoes for male teachers. Besides, college professors teaching in high-end universalities wear them to work.

Their upper units are 100% full grain leather-made, which means they are of high-quality and will last longer. You don't need a break-in period since the shoes feature elastic twin goring in their design. The shoes fit snugly and comfortably due to the elastic goring. No need of having the traditional lace-up which takes time to tie.

Their footbed units have sufficient cushioning to protect your feet from fatigue and shocks. Also, their outsoles provide additional shock protection since they're made of lightweight EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) material. As such, they have synthetic outsoles. They're proudly made in the U.S.A by a company that has over 100 years of experience in shoe-making.

  • They have padded collars for comfort and protection.
  • They feature high-quality and durable materials.
  • The footbed and outsole protect against shocks.
  • The EVA sole has an impressive grip on all surfaces.
  • The elastic twin goring secures the fit.
  • Their upper is not breathable.
  • The goring doesn't secure the fit excellently.

These shoes for women make great teacher's shoes. High-quality and environmental-friendly materials go into their construction. In their upper units, you will find 100% full-grain leather that adds a rustic and elegant appearance to them, not to mention unmatched durability.

Their EVA-made footbed boasts of recycled, eco-friendly materials that excellently dissipate shocks as you walk. The footbed is removable so you can always customize the comfort of the shoes to meet your needs. If you need to customize their fit, you can do so using their straps.

The straps have beautiful, laser imprinted floral patterns on them for more elegance. The side counters have an embossed logo for additional elegance and style. The shoes have breathable mesh linings inside them that encourage fresh air inflow into the shoes for fresh feet all day! As such, these shoes are ideal for female teachers who always have to stand to impart knowledge to learners.

Their outsole units are made of non-marking rubber that has an impressive grip on all surfaces, including wet ones. The rubber is highly durable and doesn't leave marks on floors. And on one side of the upper, there's an elastic goring to eliminate break-in period.

  • The shoes have the Cleansport NXT treatment to fight bad odor.
  • They are breathable.
  • The elastic gores eliminate break-ins and secure fit.
  • The straps also secure the fit.
  • Their rubber-made outsoles have impressive traction.
  • The EVA-made footbed is eco-friendly and absorbs shocks excellently.
  • The shoes are lightweight.
  • They don't provide arch support.
  • Their straps aren't adjustable.

These shoes have the same flair that tuxedo shoes have. They're a perfect choice for male teachers looking for elegance, performance, and durability in work shoes. Their upper units comprise 100% full-grain leather which is high-quality and very durable.

Inside the upper units are textile sock liners that guarantee comfort. They also wick moisture away from the shoes for dry comfort as they make the shoes very breathable as well. Entering the shoes is quite simple with their slip-on design.

Also, you don't need a break-in period since they have dual goring at the sides to snugly secure the fit. Their toe boxes are large enough to permit natural toe splaying as you walk or stand while teaching in class. Inside the shoes is the ECO comfort fiber system- an inlay sole with a vegetable-tanned leather surface- for excellent in-shoe comfort.

The inlay sole has the brand's special AGION treatment that fights bad foot odor for fresh feet all day. Also, this inlay sole pumps air into the shoes as you walk, making the shoes very breathable. The inlay sole absorbs shocks as you walk for additional comfort and protection.

Their outsole units are PU-made for durability and excellent traction. The shoes have the DIP (Direct-Injection Process) that guarantees an instant fit right out of the box.

  • They have TPU shanks for arch support.
  • Their tongues and collars are padded for protection and comfort.
  • The shoes are breathable because of the textile lining.
  • The shoes are very durable and look elegant.
  • The inlay sole and outsole absorb shocks for protection.
  • The outsole is durable and has impressive traction.
  • The shoes are not stretchable to permit foot expansion.
  • Their stitching might fail after some time of usage.

These shoes comprise of very durable and breathable leather in their upper units. They're an updated version of the Dansko XP clogs, which means there are better in every aspect. You get a wider toe box for more wiggle room. As a female teacher who stands for long in a classroom, you could use some wiggle room to exercise your toes.

Their collars are padded for comfort and protection against external shocks. As if that's not enough, they have sufficiently padded EVA midsoles that are also lightweight. They absorb all shocks to protect your feet from pain. You barely get fatigued on your foot because of their lightweight design.

The PU-made footbed is removable so you can always customize their fit. This footbed is very durable and provides additional comfort to your foot, making these shoes ideal for teachers who stand for long. If you have a weak arch, you will appreciate the Dansko natural arch support technology.

Their rocker-bottom soles are rubber-made for excellent traction and durability. Their design helps you stand for long with minimal fatigue. These shoes have what it takes to keep you on your feet for long so you can teach better.

  • They're slip-resistant.
  • The EVA midsole absorbs shock and reduces fatigue.
  • They have a wider toe box.
  • They offer arch support.
  • Their PU footbed is removable and durable.
  • They don't run true to size.
  • They might squeak as you walk.

High-quality premium leather material comprises the upper units of these shoes. With such kind of material, expect your shoes to be very durable. The shoes also have padded collars and tongues for comfort and protection against external shocks.

Their tongues have twin goring to secure their fit. As such, the shoes are stretchable, eliminating the break-in period. Their midsoles feature the proprietary Cushion Soft technology that cushions your feet against shock as it makes them very comfortable.

You can, therefore, stand in these shoes for long without experiencing fatigue on your foot. They have removable Ortholite footbeds for customizing their comfort. You can always insert your custom-made orthotic inserts for excellent in-shoe comfort.

The shoes have reasonably plush comfort due to the fabric lining inside them. Also, the lining makes them absorb sweat from the feet. They feature slip-on entry so you can take the least time wearing or taking them off.

Their outsoles are synthetics, non-marking and rugged for unmatched durability. Also, they provide excellent traction, making these shoes slip-resistant. Their bicycle toes are roomy for natural toe splay. You can move freely in these shoes while you're in a classroom.

  • They are breathable.
  • The fabric in-shoe lining is soft and comfortable.
  • The man-made outsole is durable, flexible and provides excellent grip.
  • The twin goring secures the fit and offers stretchability.
  • Their footbeds are removable for comfort customization.
  • The outsole material doesn't leave marks on the floor.
  • The cushion soft midsole technology absorbs shocks excellently.
  • They provide insufficient arch support.
  • Their inner soles might be stiff.

If you're looking to turn a few heads while heading to work, these shoes for female teachers will help you achieve your goal. Made to be different from others in design, they feature an amazing color pattern that helps boost your confidence.

One of the shoes is white with green ruled lines like a notebook while the other one is black with white accents. Those two color patterns will surely make some heads to turn around and watch the amazing vintage design.

Other than the impressive color pattern, the shoes boast of high-quality materials. Their upper units comprise of printed fabrics. Inside the upper fabric is a soft fabric lining for great comfort even if you wear the shoes all day long!

They have adjustable buckle straps that come handy if you want to customize their fit. The inner soles are cushioned to make your foot very comfortable while walking in these shoes. Even if you're standing, you will still have comfortable feet.

Safety is another feature that you could appreciate from the shoes. Their soles are made of non-marking rubber which not only leaves no marks on floors but provides impressive traction on multiple surfaces.

No animal product goes into their construction making them proudly vegan. To make sure you're getting the right size, be sure to check the size chart.

  • They have cushioned inner soles.
  • The soft fabric lining makes the uppers comfortable.
  • The mix of vintage and modern color patterns brings elegance.
  • Their soles are made of non-marking rubber.
  • They provide an exceptionally great grip.
  • They run small to size.
  • They're not great for high arches.

These shoes provide excellent comfort, the kind you'd find in walking shoes, but still have the look of everyday casual shoes. Their uppers feature the San Crispino construction technique for some contemporary elegance.

Their upper units are premium leather-made for durability purposes. They feature the lace-up closure design for excellently customizing the fit. Their tongues have a loop through which the laces go to prevent side to side tongue slips.

The collars and tongues are padded for comfort and protection against external shocks. Inside them is moisture-wicking mesh lining for dry feet and breathability. The shoes have a latex foam-made footbed for excellent shock dissipation.

Also, the removable EVA insoles provide additional underfoot comfort. Synthetic soles are very durable and are slip-resistant. You can walk on classroom floors knowing you're safe from slips.

  • They are breathable and wick moisture away.
  • The outsole is durable and offers impressive traction.
  • The tongues and collars are padded for comfort.
  • The lace-up closure secures the fit excellently.
  • The shoes are made of high-quality materials.
  • They have enough cushioning to absorb shocks.
  • The soles might separate from the uppers with time.
  • They don't last very long.
  • They might run small to size.

These shoes are stylish and comfortable at the same time, making them great for female teachers. The shoes have removable cushioned footbeds for great comfort. Even if you normally stand for long as you teach, you will find the shoes to be very comfy.

Since their insoles/footbeds are removable, the shoes are orthotic-friendly. You can always add your custom-made Orthotics for a comfortable teaching experience! The footbed isn't just removable but provides excellent arch support as well.

Also, it wicks moisture and sweat away, making you have dry feet all day. No moisture will make your foot uncomfortable or have a bad odor. Their uppers are suede material-made for longevity and functionality.

The uppers have perforations to permit fresh air entry into the shoe chambers for fresh feet all day! They feature a slip-on design for easy shoe entry. No need to take longer than necessary wearing your shoes to work.

And as expected, their soles are high-quality rubber-made for abrasion-resistance and marvelous traction on multiple surfaces. The sole extends to the toe area to protect your toes from objects maliciously lying on your path. The stitched-on overlays on the toe box and side counters give the uppers the sturdiness they need to protect your feet.

Besides, their tongues have twin goring for stretchability and snug fit. Once you have the shoes on, they become resistant to in-shoe slips. Their collars and tongues have sufficient padding for additional protection.

  • They have cushioned insoles.
  • They have very durable rubber soles.
  • They also have impressive traction.
  • They are breathable.
  • The soles are flexible.
  • The twin goring provides stretchability and a secure fit.
  • Their toe box protects your toes.
  • They don't provide ankle support.
  • They might not last long if you use them daily.
How should you choose the best shoes for teachers?

While looking to buy the best shoes for teachers, there are a few factors you will need to consider. These factors include the following:

Since you're bound to stand for a long time while in a classroom, your feet might start to be under stress without proper footwear. To help reduce or eliminate the stress on your feet, your shoes should have ample cushioning and support.

Choose a pair of shoes with sufficient cushioning on their midsoles and footbeds. Also, make sure that their collars and tongues have sufficient cushioning. Midsoles and footbeds play a big role as far as shock dissipation is concerned. Making sure your shoes have cushioned midsoles and footbeds is, therefore, very important.

For additional comfort, choose breathable shoes. Such shoes permit fresh air inflow inside them for "dry comfort." Also, choose right-sized shoes. The shoes should neither be small or large if they're to be comfortable to the feet especially when you're walking.

The kind of support your feet need differs from one person to another. Some teachers, in this case, have weaker ankle support. Others, on the other hand, might have weaker arches. Depending on what's weaker, you will have to buy shoes that offer the necessary support.

For a weak ankle, you will need to choose shoes with more shaft length or higher shafts. In the case of arches, you will need to be a bit careful. Make sure the footbed provides personalized arch support, depending on your pronation. You can always choose shoes with removable footbeds so you can insert customized Orthotics for excellent arch support.

Your shoes should absorb and dissipate shocks as excellently as possible if you're to remain safe from harm. The midsoles and footbeds are the shoe components responsible for absorbing dangerous shocks.

If they're made of high-quality materials, they will do a great job of dissipating the shocks. If you want impressive shock absorption, look for shoes with EVA insoles or midsoles. Such material is lightweight, durable and offers support to the foot. Also, it absorbs shocks excellently while remaining flexible.

You can also choose shoes with memory foam on their insoles or midsoles. Cork or a mixture of it is another insole or midsole material to choose from. Once one of these materials is in your shoes, expect excellent cushioning against shocks.

The outsole also absorbs some shocks, meaning it's another component to check. Its material will determine its shock absorption capability. Blown rubber outsoles, synthetic outsoles, and cork outsoles are not just lightweight but absorb shocks excellently. You can buy shoes with such outsoles if you want unmatched cushioning from shocks.

Make sure your shoes provide arch support and have heel cups to protect you from shocks during the heel strike. Arch supportive shoes also absorb shocks that might plague the arch of your foot.

When it comes to durability and performance, the materials of the shoes play a big role. You should make sure that nothing but high-quality materials are in your shoes. Full-grain leather is a reputable material that should appear on your shoe uppers.

Another material could be suede and fabric. And on the outsole, rubber and synthetics have proved to be durable and have impressive traction. Just make sure the shoes are breathable and have a soft in-shoe lining for comfort besides durability.

When looking to buy shoes for teachers, you will need to make sure they blend with the dressing code in the teaching profession. You don't want a pair of shoes that aren't compatible with your dressing style. Also, your shoes should be acceptable in the workplace.

As such, their style is one factor that you will always need to consider while buying them. For example, open-toe shoes are rarely allowed in workplaces, so you might want to mind the styling of the shoes. Be sure to get non-marking shoes that don't stain the floors.

While buying your shoes for teaching, you might want to buy lightweight shoes. They reduce the weight you have to drag on your feet, making you feel less fatigued. To buy lightweight shoes, make sure you're settling for shoes with lightweight materials.

EVA and polyurethane materials make shoes lightweight. You can choose shoes featuring such materials. Also, you can just look at the overall weight of the shoes so you can buy lightweight footwear.


When it comes to buying the best shoes for teachers, you will have to consider a few factors. Fortunately, you have the necessary knowledge you need to make the right decision as far as shoe buying is concerned.

Take action and buy the right pair so you can teach with zero stress or pain on your feet. And if you're looking to buy some shoes for teachers, be sure to consider the shoes above. They have what it takes to keep you safe from harm.

They're worth the investment given that they have high-quality materials, unmatched durability and performance. Make sure all the necessary features are present in a pair of shoes before buying them. That way, you will end up with the best shoes.

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