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a Public Letter to the People of Bet Shemesh

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
a guest post by MK Rabbi Dov Lipman
Dear Fellow Residents of Bet Shemesh,
The elections which we just experienced were troubling on many levels.   I condemn the corruption which manifested itself in many ways including false ID cards, attempts to tamper with ballots, illegal address changes and the use of schools and school children to interfere with the election results.   I must condemn the abuse of our beautiful religion and the honor of rabbis for the sake of dirty politics.   I will work hard to insure that steps are taken on a national level to protect democracy in the future and to continue to spread the beauty that lies within our faith.
However, the results are the results and now we have to look forward.   On a local level I have already reached out to the mayor with the hope that we can work together to make progress for Bet Shemesh.   We continue to work on a government level to create a beautiful national park in the hills of Ramat Bet Shemesh and to make sure that neighborhoods are built for the general population.   I hope the mayor will join the efforts to create a hi-tech park in our region as well as adding classrooms and building new school buildings for all populations in the city.   I will do whatever I can within the government to assist with these efforts. 
On a deeper level, we need to do our part to minimize the tension between populations in he city.   It is my hope that the mayor will reach out to Eli Cohen and other supporters of his to join his coalition and work together.  This example will set the mood for the general population which is in need of healing.
I view the tension which we experienced these past months as deeper than just Bet Shemesh.  To this end, we are hard at work to help chareidim enter the work force.   Aside from the mitzvah of assisting chareidim to sustain their families with dignity, I truly believe that this effort will reduce the polarization and generate greater unity.
Finally, I want to thank Eli Cohen and his entire team for the remarkable campaign which was nothing short of inspirational.   You gave your time, your hearts, and your souls for the sake of our city and will, no doubt continue to do so.
Best wishes,
MK Rabbi Dov Lipman

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