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A Political Bombshell Explodes as President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Overnight one of the most brutal acts of political cover-up that I have ever witnessed occurred, and it wasn't even subtle. FBi director was in Los Angeles addressing his staff when he was handed a note telling him that he had just been fired, with immediate effect. The official line that it was due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal (which Trump had previously praised Comey for), but we all know the real reason, don't we??

In regards to the Astrology of the moment Donald Trump is now at what you might call a crossroads moment in his life. As you will know if you follow my work there is a moving axis of destiny called the Nodal axis, effectively two points that are always shifting where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic or the path of the Sun. The point where the Moon's path is rising above that of the Sun is called the North Node, and where the Moon's path is dipping below the ecliptic is called the South Node. The two points often have powerful consequences wherever they impact on someone's chart, indicating what talents and abilities one brings into this life and karmic debts that the soul carried (South Node), and the lessons that the soul needs to be learned in order for one's destiny to be fulfilled (North Node). Most Astrologers say that you should follow your nodes and always strive to go towards your North Node, as this will bring fulfilment and happiness into your life even though it's the hardest route to take.

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Now the Nodal axis when transiting can also be very significant too, as when these points interact with our own natal planets and angles, seminal moments in our lives can occur. In particular the Nodes often bring us face to past with the past or can introduce us to individuals who will have a impact on our lives. In synastry between the charts of two people, when one person's Node connects with another's planet or angles there can be a familiarity between the two that is quite unerring, as if the two souls have met before and and in this life they are meeting again to settle a debt from a previous encounter.

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Now it just so happens (you knew this was coming, didn't you?) that there is a Nodal connection between James Comey and Donald Trump, a very powerful one. If you put the two charts of these individuals against each other, then Comey's Sun sits conjunct to Donald Trump's South Node and Moon conjunction. The dynamic of such a South Node/Sun conjunction is fascinating. Often when a Sun individual connects with a South Node individual there is a initial feeling of goodwill, and the Sun person (Comey) is often in debt to the South Node person (Trump) and needs to pay back for an issue that was not settled before in a previous life. Now this describes exactly what happened as Comey, 11 days before the Presidential election, unexpectedly opened out the Hillary email case once again, allowing Trump a last minute surge to victory on November 8th 2016.

Now as time goes on between these two the Sun person (Comey) starts to feel overshadowed by the South Node person (Trump), and they feel as if there individuality is being restrained in some way. There can be a clash of egos or a battle for control, and the Sun person (Comey), not feeling that their gesture of goodwill was really appreciated, starts to undermine the South Node person (Trump). At that point, the South Node person (Trump) feeling that the Sun person (Comey) is being an unnecessary burden on them cuts them out of their life.

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Now I also mentioned that the transiting Nodes were playing a part and they are. Donald Trump has the transiting North Node now right on his Ascendant, and this is often a very important time for individual action. It can promote us to be rather selfish, as against thinking for the feelings and position of others (transiting South Node on Descendant). Now one has to remember that any action taken under a nodal transit is often a karmic one, and a price often will be paid in the end. It so happens that the Nodes are sitting on the Star Regulus, the star of kings and have just entered the sign of Leo. I said last week in a different article on my Facebook page that this shift of the Nodes would start to see more dramatic personal action than we have had in the past and a rejection of the "group" principle in favour of the individual taking centre stage. You could not wish to see a more visible demonstration of an individual acting selfishly (another thing I mentioned last week) to effectively save his own skin. Comey was most probably getting closer and closer to the truth in his investigations into Russian interventions in the US democratic process in their alleged assistance to the Trump team and campaign, and so it seems as Trump "bumped him off", before the whole situation unravelled. The thing is, in the brutal and incredibly public way that this was carried out, Trump has yet landed himself in even hotter water, bringing even more attention to himself and how he did the impossible in gaining enough support to win the Presidency.

Now Regulus as a star is one of the most important in the sky, it is the heart of the Lion in the constellation of Leo and it sits conjunct to Donald's Ascendant. This position did foretell that he would be a king or a leader of some sort, however with Regulus there is a shadow side where all that you accrue can be lost in an instant if you do not respect the power that you are given. That shadow side is "revenge". If you are revengeful to someone then this star may also foretell a fall from grace, and as far as I can see Trump has carried out a brutal act of revenge on Comey for investigating potential wrongdoing that Trump had carried out in the quest for his own personal gain.

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Trump may have in sacking Comey hit the breaks on the freight train, but the train is still rolling forward at quite a speed, and I can imagine that now there will be an even greater determination to find out what exactly happened in the past year. The knives will be out in the Democratic party, and even moderate Republicans seem genuinely shocked by this act of political assassination.

In my view we will see the full outcome of yesterday's events when a solar eclipse on 21st August lands right on the spot where the North Node is now, landing on Trump's ascendant and on the star Regulus, at the same time that Saturn sits on Trump's Moon and South Node as well as on Comey's Sun. The old Astro sages would have said that this coming eclipse on this particular star would precipitate the fall of a king. We wait to see if they would have been right...

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