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A Pen with Attitude & Confidence: the Alpha Pen by Prometheus Writes

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
PictureEvery writer who has something to say should eventually have a pen that represents them and their goals. If you are a fine traditional fictionist, then perhaps a shiny posh pen is your thing. Or if you’re on the other end of the spectrum, like myself, and you write to make people think and to change their lives and the world around us, then something a little different may be perfect for you. The material aspect of a pen has no meaning to a writer, but it is the confidence a writer exudes as he guides his own instrument across the page. For with the fire and attitude within him, the pen manifests power, idea, and change. And that is what matters.
Picture My friends over at Prometheus Writes sent me one of their edgy Alpha pens, in gray titanium. I’ve never been the sort to have a specific pen to transmit my thoughts and ideas, but the more I venture down the path of becoming an author, the more I realize how important self-confidence is. The best writer working on the best story will fail without it, because the demons of self-doubt and fear so easily overcome the unsuspecting writer. I’ve gone through it myself, several times. I will have a few good weeks of solid progress, then something switches within my mind, and I immediately think that what I’ve written is crap, and that it’s hopeless, and that I should give up. But there’s something that spoke to me when I wrote with the Alpha Pen…

The Alpha Pen is a hand crafted, hand machined pen, made by a machinist with a vision from California, and since every piece of the pen is designed and made by him, there is a personal pride that seems to come from the pen. Lovingly, each piece of this pen is crafted with the hope that great ideas and great change will be wrought from its inkwell. And for me, the style of the pen aligned with a battle that has been waging inside of me. The Alpha Pen, especially the non-gloss titanium version, is a very industrial pen. It’s heavy, with a lot of grooves that provide optimum control, and it’s made of thick, gray titanium metal.
Picture To me, when I am struggling, I revert back from writing on a computer, to working with a pen and notebook, in a quiet place, until the flow returns to me. Well, recently, when I did that very thing, I took my Prometheus Writes pen and as I began to think about the ‘inner heckler,’ (as some writers like to call it) I was struck with the thought that this pen, with how rugged and industrial it is, that it can inspire the strength needed in me for when I am struggling. And within minutes, I began thinking of my scene differently, and the flow returned.
The Alpha Pen is a high quality, very well machined product, with a unique look which is what truly sets it apart. It is a truly nice writing pen, but it’s so much more than that. The pen was designed to go with Montblanc Fineliner cartridges, so there are no springs or threaded cartridges. The lid screws off with its precision threads, and you’re ready to write. Unscrewing another threaded top, where the pen extends, and you can easily pop in another ink cartridge. The outer shell of the Alpha Pen provides a nice ergonomic rippling affect and is completed with a heavy metal clip. This is the sort of pen that will go with me anywhere, especially when I’m roughing it in the wilderness.
If you would like to find out more about Prometheus Writes, click here.
Article written & Photos by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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