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A Never Ending Story/My Enemies Are Not Fooling Anyone But Themselves!

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Am Not And Have Never Been Anybody’s Fool. I Have For A Long Time Been A Popular Girl. Ever Since I Was Very Young. All Because I Was Extremely Unique, Smart, And Untouchable.

I Was Always One To Keep A Low Profile. A Loner-Yet At The Same Time I Was Outgoing And Ambitious. Never In Any Way Did I Ever Seek The Attention Of Others. I Didn’t Care To Be In The Spotlight. I Lived For Myself, Only Concerned With The Things Of My Own.

So Therefore I Figured I Could Exist Quietly, Enjoying The Blessings Of Gifts And Serenity. Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Was I Wrong!

Since Day One, There Was Constant People Trying To Do Things On The Sneak Tip. Thinking That I Would Not Know Any Better. And I Understand That Each And Every Person That I Came Into Contact With Was Not Aware That I Had Deep Clairvoyant Abilities, However, My Knowing And Avoiding Negative And Disastrous Things And Situations In Life Is What Made Me A Target To Begin With.

The Fools Who Targeted Me Didn’t Know That I Also Had Sharp-Witted And Keen Street Smarts. Those Particular Fools Were In The Street But Did Not Know The Street. Just The Kind Who Were On Their Level Were They Able To Sometimes Read.

However, When It Came To Me, They Were Way Off Because I Do Not Play Any Games And That Is All That People Like Them Know How To Do.

“Why Nothing Ever Happens To Her?” A Lot Of Undesirables Often Wondered And Could Not Understand.

And I Can Give The Answer.

I Was An Entirely “Different Kind” Of Person Altogether. Of Course There Were Those In particular Who Wanted To Generalize Me Because They Didn’t Want To Accept Or Believe That I Was Unique Due To The Fact That They Needed To Be The Ones Who Knew-It-All.

They Continuously Found Out Later That They Weren’t All What They Thought They Was Cracked Up To Be. And That I Truly Was.

Lately, There Have Been Certain People In Particular Contacting Me (Not Everyone Is Corresponding With An Ulterior Motive-And I Do Know That, Some Are Sincere) Through My Blogs, All Taking Turns Trying To Not Make Themselves Obvious Concerning Voodoo/Black Magic, The Term Orisha/Loa, Caul/Clairvoyant Ability And Meanings, And Regarding Negativity Concerning The God Of the Bible.

These People Who Are And Who Are Working Against Me Cannot Defeat Me Spiritually, Intellectually, Mentally Or Emotionally. And They Are Dumfounded. They Have Never Come Across Anyone Of My Stature. These People Do Not Know And/Or Understand What I Possess Spiritually So They’ve Decided To Analyze My Responses Through The Accusations Or Questions That They Set Before Me.

My Enemies Actually Want Me To Give Them Clues On How To Go About Destroying Me Through My Own Information Regarding The Paranormal Abilities Of My Nature.

I Have Gone Through Many Similar Incidents All Through Out The Years, And Years Ago, With Individuals Approaching Me On Account Of Others Who Know Or Know Of Me. And The Shit Is Ridiculous. A Complete Unrelenting Sickness On Their Parts.

Although I Am Aware Whenever I Am Confronted, I For The Most Part Sometimes Remain Cordial Because Truth Shoots Their Efforts Down Every Time. I Will Answer Honestly And To The Best Of My Knowledge Through My Gifts And Experience But There Comes A Time To Draw The Line.

When I Give Them A Little Bit Of Rope They Take More An More, And Then Go On Not To Realize That They Have Already Hung Themselves.

This In No Way At All Discourages Me From Enlightening Anyone Who May Genuinely Seek My Guidance. In Fact, It Is Very Encouraging.

My Enemies Unwittingly Show The Great And Intense Progress That Has Been Made For The Truly Good Individuals Of The World Who Were Unjustly Attacked Through Evil Doers. A Lot Of Their Negativity Has Come To A Halt. And They Are Not Able To Destroy A Lot Of People The Way That They Use To.

Knowledge Is Power! Yes Indeed. And All True Knowledge Will Continue And Prevail!

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