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A Necklace of Crab Apple and a Feather of Grass.

By Tuckshopgardener @tuckshopgardenr
I've been grubbing around again….
Today's color was definitely yellow.  The windfall crab apples in the school garden, the uprooted cotoneaster berries in a local skip and the rejected crocosmia seed heads sitting waiting for the green waste collection to come by for the very last time. (Birmingham is going over to wheelie bins for compostable waste, and a fee for using this service).  I also rootled through a bag containing magnolia trimmings - brought back memories of how magnolia saved my bacon on my first ever stall earlier this year.
My foraging sack, otherwise known as an H&M plastic bag, ranneth over on my way home from school:
Love these yellow crocosmia seed heads
With a bit of patient threading, spike trimming and mixing and matching, these bits were teamed up with items from my stockpile of natural goodies and became….
Freshly cut evergreen wreath with pine cones, magnolia and silver birch twigs.wreath with crab apple garland
Vine wreath with ammi seed heads, pampas grass and silver baubles.Yellow cotoneaster berries, mossy twig bundles and crocosmia seed heads decorate this pine and willow wreath.
 … amongst other things.  Love the wisps of pampas grass heads on the white feathery one. Am quite taken with that.

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