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A Merry Christmas from Carpe Carmina: Carmina Suavia Christmas Special

Posted on the 25 December 2016 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt
A merry christmas from carpe carmina: carmina suavia christmas special
As 2016 comes to an end and christmas is near here, carpe carmina looks back at a fantastic year of indie music, plenty covered on here, some yet unexplored but hopefully soon discovered and passed on to you. And what better way is there to celebrate both this joyful festive season and the mesmerizing music marvel of 12 months past than to share a playlist full of christmas spirit and indie glory, featuring charming covers, outstanding christmassy original songs and a couple of carpe carmina's favourites. So, enjoy while snuggling up under blankets, drinking a cup of cacao and spending time with your loved ones. carpe carmina will be back with brand new reviews, interviews and some exciting specials in 2017. Until then, seize the music and play it loud ... 
carmina suavia's christmas special (aired on Radio Kaos Caribou on Dec. 22nd- Listen to the replay  of the christmas special on Dec. 27th -
01. Charlie Whyte - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (cover)

A delightfully cozy take on a christmas classic 

02. Kevin Garrett - This Christmas 

Warm and mild vocalism stirs

03. James Holt - Schmetterling, Flieg Davon Doch Noch Nicht Jetzt 

Beautifully sung and poetically written

04. The Luna Year - Pine Needle Chorus 

Blissfully inviting melodies and dolce vocals enthrall
05.  Humble Williams - A Little More Grace 

A smooth and soulful sonic blessing06. ARMORS - Genesis (acoustic)

Spirited and infectious melodiousness. A true tonal gem!07.  The Ragamuffins - All I Want For Christmas Is You 

A charmingly pensive and joyfully jazzy cover

Please download the cover for free here &donate what you can to Change4Good

08. Work Drugs - All Alone On Christmas 

We're back to the 90s - and it's a glorious  time for catchy and ardently glowing music

09.  Ali Ingle - The Great Romatic Drought

Imaginatively entertaining and brightly appealing

10. Andrew Belle - Back For Christmas 

Absorbingly beat-driven and stirringly sentimental melodic gravity 11. Silences - There's A Wolf 

Hauntingly elusive yet vividly sparkling sonic storytelling. You're in for a marvelous musical journey!12. The Dunwells - It's OK This Time 

Shiny and soaring, harmoniously buoyant and endearing euphony 
13. Martin Luke Brown - Shadow And Light

Souly and emotionally mesmerizing music
14. Matt Woods - Impression 

Fervent, soft vocal spell blends with opulent melodies 
15. Luke Cusato - Backbone 

Velvety vocal yearning and alluring melodic levity 
16. Richard Readey - Christmas With You 

Delicate vocal warmth and tender storytelling
17. Mat Hunsley - Dropping 

Mellow acoustic ambience intertwined with emotive vocal elegance
18. Thom Morecroft - Coming Up For Air 

 A passionately raucous and gripping melodic atmosphere
19.  Katie And I - Bones 

 Dulcet harmonies and storytelling
20. Magana - Inches Apart 

 Mellifluousand poignantly sensitive melodic beauty
21. KLEZ - Holidays Are Here Again 

Harmoniously glistening and silky tonal bliss
22. Bacchus - The Mirror 

As divine and sumptuous as the greek god himself, this lush song was crafted with powerful expressivity and evocative longing
23. Windmill - Jenny's Gone 

Dreamily rhythmic and compelling melodic melancholia   

24. Evanblum - First Christmas

Romantic and darling melodic appeal
25. Chris Tavener - Selling Out For Christmas 

 Witty and merry, sonorously upbeatchristmassy extravaganza
26. brand new friend - bottled up (demo)

Youthful buoyancy and charming simplicity make for adorable and authentic music delight
27.  Braver Than Fiction - Love's Comin' In 

 Gracefully floating and wistfully moving tonal passion
28. The Proof - Happy Street 

Soul-driven, groove-laden and blues-infused melodic verve
29. Dead Replicas - Into The Sunshine We're Gone 

 Gritty, dynamically thrilling and moody musical gloom
30. Maini Sorri - Christmas In Our Hearts 

A festive, atmospheric and ethereal christmas carol
31.  Kiera Osment - Longest Night 

Gorgeous piano placidity meets mesmeric, soothing vocal finery

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