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A. McGowan Reveals the Truth About the UK’s Green Guilt

Posted on the 02 November 2011 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Over the past few years society has become increasingly more aware of the benefits from recycling, and now over ninety percent of UK households are recycling more material now than compared to what they were doing half a decade ago.

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However a recent  recycling survey poll revealed that over fifty percent of people have admitted feeling guilty for throwing recyclable items in the trash instead of putting them in recycling bins. And despite feeling guilty, a quarter of UK residents still do not use recycling facilities or follow local recycling guidelines.

Is the problem seem a lack of knowledge despite the great efforts put forth by governments? Because for some reason about forty five percent claim to be unaware of what even happens to their trash after it has been collected from the curb. And some people even go as far as saying that it is too much bother to separate materials and if municipalities made it easier then they would certainly recycle more. If they could just throw all their recycling items into one bin without having to separate it like is practiced in many Canadian cities, then UK recycling habits would certainly improve.

Follow the link below to a podcast put on by “eco-friendly comedian Alistair McGowan, whose green credentials include never having owned a car and recycling guru Rick Hindley from Alupro to reveal more about the research and give us some more tips for greener living.”

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