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A Look at the Top 10 New Gtld Sales of 2019

Posted on the 31 July 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Here is a look at the top ten new gtld sales so far in 2019.


No extension placed more than one entry in the top ten.

  1. Free.Games

The top sale was the highly publicized sale of Free.Games. Chad Wright and his WebQuest Inc sold the name for $335,000. The name was acquired in a package of 3 names for $100,000. Currently the site resolves to a Uniregistry parking page.

  • 2. Business.Club

The name was sold by Names.Club for $60,936. This was a registry sale and currently the website prompts you to sign in and when you click cancel you get a Not authorized message.

  • 3.

The domain was sold by for $30,000. The name was held for just 10 months. Currently when going to the site using Firefox, Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue.

  • 4. Buy.Game

The name was sold at Sedo for $29,999. The only name in the top ten that was sold for a second time. The name was sold at Sedo in 2018 for $8,880. Currently the site resolves to a Uniregistry landing page.

  • 5. Radio.Cloud

Nidoma sold this name for $28,000. The buyer was NexCast out of Germany. There is a developed website on the name. Interesting there is another company that is using NewRadio.Cloud. There is also an app that is named Radio Cloud from a company out of Alaska.

  • 6. T.Win

This domain hack sold at Sedo for $22,500 and was registered back in 2016 by a Chinese domainer. The name was purchased by Oring Ltd. and they forward the name to, an online casino out of Malta.

  • 7. DX.Media

Longtime domainer Phil Harris followed up his $20,500 sale of back in 2017, with the $20,000 sale of The buyer was out of Russia and there is a developed Russian language website on the name

  • 8. Up.Top was sold for $19,880 by Jiangsu Bangning. The domain name is now being used for a Chinese cryptocurrency website.

  • 9. Go.Holdings

The domain name was sold on Sedo for $19,000. This name was a registry sale by Donuts. The name does not resolve currently.

  • 10. Human.Capital

This domain was registered back in 2015 by a Greek domain investor and sold for $15,500 on Sedo. This is the most recent sale, a couple weeks ago. Currently showing a Bodis landing page.

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