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A Little Update on the Loser Pro-Gun Candidate Ladies, (and That Other Nutty Guy)

Posted on the 13 November 2014 by Mikeb302000
Monica Wehby lost, in the Oregon Senate race, by double digits. No surprise.
Michelle MacDonald lost, in the Minnesota State Supreme Court race, by double digits.  No surprise.
Yesterday, MacDonald was sentenced to 30 days house arrest, on her obstruction of justice conviction.
She thinks she's going to run again for the Supreme Court of Minnesota. 
I'm thinking after she was such a pain in the arse, that even the MN GOP won't go near her again, no matter how much she is pro-gun.
Time for a rousing round of 'get off our side, loser'.
In other news, Roger Weber, the northern Minnesota pro-gun candidate who in a fit of temper cut a garage in half on disputed property also lost by an approximately 40% margin.
Apparently when you don't use your chain saw appropriately, people are far less interested in your pro-gun views, even in the heart of pro-gun rural hunting territory.
Being pro-gun just doesn't have the bang that single-issue gun nuts would like it to have..........

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