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A Little Treat for My L.A. Friends *giveaway*

By Beachbungalow8 @beachbungalow8
 The following has less to do with design than it has to do with being pampered and an utter sell out. I'm a sucker for massages and self indulgence, in general. So when offered this fabulous treat from Zenka Nail Spa, of course I jumped. duh. I'd have to be and idiot. But what followed was a great tour in nail art and a freebie for you..........
A little treat for my L.A.  friends *giveaway*
I'm all for tricking out my nails. I Ombréd my way through Spring and Summer, I tossed in some neons just to keep it all lively. But, I had never been Minxed. (I know... it's not a weird personal hygiene thing. )  So when Manhattan Beach's very own, Zenka Nail Spa invited me to drop in and give it a try, I thought, "why not. "
  Minx are heat activated nail decals that stay on, until you decide to take them off (or you touch a hot curling wand, I found out)
A little treat for my L.A.  friends *giveaway*

A little treat for my L.A.  friends *giveaway*

These are not my nails, but another example.

The pattern options are vast. There is anything and everything from, solid gold to hippy floral. I chose what I thought was subtle and even recalled a bit of a modular, Mondrian graphic. But actually, the more I look at it the more it just reminds me Flava Flay's teeth. 
No matter, I'm loving these.  Total party on my nails. Here's the bonus, after they apply the Minx (which takes about 15 minutes) you get the best hand and arm massage you've ever had, hands down. Butter. Putty. You'll leave with rockin' nails and noodle arms. 
Guess what, all of you Manhattan Beach mamas....Zenka is letting me give one of these Minx treatments away to someone. All that you have to do is leave me a comment with your email (and squire my kids from school to soccer to dance to kumon to.....kidding)
And for the rest of you, come into Zenka, located at Trilogy Spa in Metlox, mention that you saw it here, and they'll give you 20% off through the month of October. Also, we're not done yet....you'll also receive use of of the Trilogy Spa Facilities for $25.00 (reg. $45.00)Which is an in door-outdoor spa experience. Come on, you deserve it.
winner of the giveaway to be announced next week, 10/13/11 discount will apply through 10/31/11

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