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A Letter from a Group of Iran's Green Movement's Activists on Twitter to the Brave People of Syria

Posted on the 24 May 2011 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash
Our Dear Syrian brothers and sisters,
The path to free a nation from dictatorship has always been a costly, yet an immortal and laudable communal experience. It is now two months that YOU, Syrian people, have been walking on this path and thus marking this era with your ongoing revolution. In fact, each and every single one of you, as well as your revolutionary movement as a whole, is writing history in a glorious way;
a history full of tears, hope, blood, and heroism. Though the beginning is dark and the path is unpaved, the destination is bright and the cause is encouraging. The entire world is witnessing brutalities of Al Assad's regime and is extolling the virtues of your struggle, Syrians, who are fighting for liberty, justice, and for what any individual on this planet deserves to have.
Millions of Iranians have started a similar path as you and have experienced similar, yet not exactly the same, kind of brutality from another oppressive regime which unsurprisingly is a close ally and shameful supporter of the Syrian government. The images from Homs and Daraa or those from Tehran University dormitories and Azadi Square are now part of our identity. The brave people of Syria and Iran have decided that it was time to end the era of dictatorship. In this journey, Syrians and Iranians are all together. Our future is interwoven with yours and any step forward by either of us will pave the road for the other as well. We sure hope we could start helping each other on this path and brag about the strength of our unity to Khamenei's and Al Assad's regimes.
As a group of cyber activists, we also have a word with Syrian cyber activists. We are defying tyrannies that have unlimited resources to feed their propaganda machines. So we should take full advantage of social media across the Internet, if we want to make up for our shortage of domestic mass media. There are many possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation that are waiting for us to be explored. Through the power of our collective intelligence, we could spread the voice of our oppressed brothers and sisters across the world. By mutualizing our networks, our artistic and organizational contributions, we could come up with creative ideas to achieve our goals and more effectively pay our contribution to the Iranians' and Syrians' movements.
United we stand we you Syria!
A group of Iran's Green movement's Twitter activists

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