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A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11

It is no myth that we can pull out almost everything that is necessary for every situation from our handbags. Want a hair brush? We have it right here in our trusty carrier. A spare shoe? No problem. A bag becomes your best friend from an early age for most girls. Whether you are a corporate woman, a college student or even a stay-at-home mom, we all have that one favourite bag that can fit all our belongings and more that has been around for what feels like centuries at a time, but does it really go well with the outfits that we so tirelessly work to pull off almost every day?

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

Getting ready every morning may be a hassle when there are only a few bag options available to go with our outfits. The fact that we need to carry more items like laptops and notebooks to work or college could add up to the worry. Choosing the right bag could be all too gruelling and we may end up throwing everything into one bulky backpack and heaving it to work or school every other day, which is in fact what most of us are guilty of doing. However, to tie up every outfit with the latest fashion, the right bag is necessary keeping convenience and comfort in mind.

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Bags come in all shapes, sizes and colours. When selecting the perfect bag you have to take the design into consideration. bags for example, have a way of encaptivating the on-lookers in wondrous awe due to the elaborate design that focuses on attention to detail in a spectacular fashion. Gucci bags are one of the best muses out there if you indeed are looking to style your outfit with a designer bag.

A Tote bag is a large, open-toppedbag used to carry many items together. Tote bags debuted as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags and are made fully of cloth or other recyclable material. In recent times however "The Tote" has made a significant impact in the modern fashion front. Tote bags are now used as fashion statement pieces that are both durable and comfortable to carry and have significantly less impact on the environment.

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

An easy way to style a Tote bag outfit for work is to pair it up with office pants, a shirt and black stilettos or ankle boots. Tie an achromatic scarf and throw on some sunglasses for a classier look. For a more comfortable alternative, replace the heels with a pair of sneakers and you are good to go run errands before heading home for the weekend.


Clutches are designed to be carried by hand. Often used as wallets, a clutch can carry smaller items such as your lipsticks and compact powder palettes for makeup touch-ups whenever required. Bring more colour to your life by adding an orange clutch to your bag collection. Orange clutches go well with black and white striped dresses.

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

Throw on a denim jacket and a pair of orange sandal heels, and spice it all up with a gold locket. You are now ready to hit the mall with your girlfriends for a well-deserved shopping spree.

Satchels have been around for a long time. Since as early as the beginning of the Roman Empire, leather satchels have been used to carry goods during travels. Now used as women's bags, satchel have flaps that are attached to buckles to keep the bag closed. Satchels also come with a string to carry easily on one shoulder or cross-body.

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

A black satchel bag goes well with a bright yellow dress and black open-toe pumps. Add a pop of turquoise with teardrop earrings to give a stylish finish for any semi-formal day look.

Round Bags

A round bag brings new depth to your outfit. Round bags are similar to clutches with slings. The difference is the shape. Keep in mind the shape can either make or break your style. To style a round wicker bag, pair it with a strappy wedge heel and a flared pastel floral skirt. This will bring out your softer feminine side in a jiffy. Tuck in a white ruffle-neck blouse for more emphasis and the outfit will be perfect for a picnic.

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

Complement it with a brighter coloured scarf for sophistication. For a more laid-back look, switch out the skirt with denim shorts to hit the beach.

Bucket bags, true to their name, are structured similar to buckets in an almost cylindrical shape. Majority of the designs of bucket bags have both draw-strings and buttons to close the top. Bucket bags are the preferred carry-ons for travelling. They can easily be paired with any style choice and are versatile, having the ability to carry a large number of things at once. Bucket bags can either be attached with a sling strap or a backpack strap for effortless carrying. Try a pastel pink bucket bag with a deep green dress that goes well with the pink and a heeled, brown suede boot for a brunch look. Replace the boots with gold Mary Jane heels and add on a chunky necklace to go from day look to evening look in seconds for the cafe hopping adventures later in the afternoon.

A Guide to Styling Your Looks with High Fashion Bags as Your Muses

So the next time you are planning to put together your outfit, derive inspiration from what you already have in your bag collection and begin to build a vision from there. Need more muses to help style your everyday looks? Get more varieties of stylish bags to be trendy and fashion-forward.

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