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A Golden Dream, Drama, Fear and Politics

Posted on the 18 October 2013 by M Shekhar @politicscope
How much gold has been burried nobody knows - even the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) which began excavation work at the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh [who gave his life for the country fighting the British in 1857] in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district.


'Pipli Live' continues on small screen. The actor who played the role of journalist in the film also appears on TV. The anchor requests him to deliver a film's dialogue.
There is 'Maha Coverage' and 'LIVE Debate' on different channels.
Even, Shobhan Sarkar, who dreamt of gold, might not think of it all.
After that golden dream and begining of digging - now it's the turn of politics.


"The government has started to dig for some 1,000 tonnes gold, after someone dreamt of it. You bring back the money that the looters have stashed in Swiss banks. That would be more than the value of 1,000 tonnes of gold."
- Narendra Modi, BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate
“The Geological Survey of India said there is some metal underneath the temple. What actually is there will be known only after digging.
“There is no harm if the country benefits from it.”
- Renuka Chowdhury, Congress spokesperson


Meanwhile, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a public interest litigation in connection with ASI's hunt for gold. An advocate ML Sharma, in his petition, urged the court to monitor the excavation or else any gold unearthed could “vanish”.

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