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A Friend of Mine Just Had a Stroke. She Was Surrounded By...

By Wislanscraft @Wislanscraft
A friend of mine just had a stroke. She was surrounded by...A friend of mine just had a stroke.  She was surrounded by people when it happened and got to the hospital fast.    With Rehab and therapy, it appears she's going to be okay --Phew!
Everyone I have ever known who has had a stroke was quite elderly (not elderly like me at 63, but over 80), or was very unhealthy.  My aunt had one in her forties, but she was a very heavy drinker and had already been hospitalized for Cirrhosis of the Liver.
However, it got me thinking...  this woman is about my age, actually about 6 months younger than I am, (and thinner) and seemed pretty healthy.
So check this out, it's important:
What is true in this article is that some of us women, maybe most of us, don't want to be a bother.
So my vision is a little blurry, it's early morning, I'm just a little tired.  
You might not even notice that your arm's a little weak.   
Or maybe you think it's a caffeine headache. 

Here's another lesson - my friend is such a tough cookie that she was awake and aware (maybe a little confused, but still...) all the way to the hospital.  She actually told her daughter she thought everyone was overreacting. Seriously!
In fact,  until tests (CAT scan?  MRI?) were performed, it was assumed she had a minor stroke.  Guess what... it was not minor.  It was not big.  It was massive.  My friend is very, very lucky.  So are her daughters, and her beautiful grandchildren.
So back to my musings:
Before menopause, I learned to be in touch with my body's rhythms, my cycles, my little monthly changes.
Since menopause, I haven't been paying that much attention.  I don't have that little monthly reminder to check myself out.  Life just sort of rolls along.  I've been fine with that; I've been blissfully fine with that.  In fact,  if it wasn't for the annual postcard I receive from my physician to suggest I make an appointment for a mammogram, I'd barely notice that a year has gone by!   Geez.
I know I entered the Crone stage years ago, but it doesn't relieve me of my duty to myself.  It's long past time to wake up.  It's time to start listening to what my body is telling me.
Lots of lessons here, but I guess the most important one is to Pay Attention to your best friend, the one who is with you until the end of your life, your body.  If it's strong and healthy, young or old, wrinkly or smooth.

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