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A. Freeman, Horse Dealer, Pentonville Road

By Janeslondon
If you go the gates with the flipped letters on Mayward House on Pentonville Road, next door to The Crafts Council, you will see a driveway leading to Freeman Mews at the rear.
Along the passage there is a series of marvelous hand-painted tiles depicting scenes involving horses.
This site was the location of A.Freeman, horse dealer, and would have been where coachmen would have exchanged their horses for fresh ones when on a long journey – note the proximity to the Angel Inn, a major coaching stop in this area. Horses could have also been hired for specific uses or events.
A. Freeman, horse dealer, Pentonville Road
A. Freeman, horse dealer, Pentonville Road
I am currently gathering more information about this company so please do let me know if you have anything to add.

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