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A For-Profit in a Non-Profit World: B the Change One World Futbol

Posted on the 21 March 2012 by Blab

A For-Profit in a Non-Profit World: B the Change One World FutbolStreetfootballworld, an international network of organizations, has historically only had non-profit network members. However, this month, One World Futbol Project was able to break the mold – because they are a Certified B Corporation!


Streetfootballworld sees football (soccer) as a tool to empower disadvantaged young people all over the world and create social change. In fact, streetfootballworld is currently the largest international network of organizations working in the field of “sport/soccer for development”, uniting over 80 organizations in more than 50 countries. 

One World Futbol Project distributes a virtually indestructible soccer ball that never needs a pump.  Part of their mission is to get this ball to organizations that use soccer and sport for health and development in harsh environments (where a traditional inflated ball soon fails).  This helps these organizations focus on programs and kids – instead of equipment failure.

Although the synergies are clear, streetfootballworld has traditionally limited membership in their network to non-profits who share their vision of creating a better future for young people through collaboration and sport.  This could have prevented One World Futbol Project from becoming an affiliate member.  However, being a Certified B Corp proves that One World Futbol Project is a new kind of business, one that aims to use the potential of a for-profit structure to fulfill a social mission. In recognition, this month streetfootballworld made One World Futbol Project the first for-profit/social enterprise affiliate member of the streetfootballworld network.

Streetfootballworld hopes to impact 2 million young people by 2015 through their partner and affiliate organizations. This represents millions of opportunities for One World Futbol Project to distribute their soccer balls to those in need. By becoming an affiliate member of the streetfootballworld network, One World Futbol Project can more powerfully advance their mission, collaborating with streetfootballworld network members to support their programs – saving members the costs of down-time, repair kits, pumps – and helping those members provide greater benefits to youth.

This is a great opportunity, made possibly by their B Corp Certification, and One World Futbol is excited for the work and positive impact to come.

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