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A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction

Posted on the 26 October 2020 by Ripplemusic
A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction

A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction   Drummer.Powerlifter.Caffeine enthusiast!Consumer of jellied eels.Shaman?This edition of Fistful of Questions goes to one half of the rhythm section of Orbital Junction Mr. Jack Revans.

What is your full name?

Jack Revans. You can have my number too if you play your cards right.

Do you have any aliases?

We do not, we’re not cool enough.

If you had an alias what might it be?

Scronchy McGee

Punter Harris

Lord Stoke-on-Trent the Third

Billy B and the no no no’s

What bands are you actively involved with?

Well we are all actively involved with Orbital Junction, I suppose. That's probably the main one.

What was the first instrument that you played?

I played the recorder when I was about 6. A few years later I started drumming and rather lost interest in pretty much anything else.

Tell me about one of your first musical memories?


Since well before I was born my dad has been in a Cathedral choir, and a connoisseur of punk. Perhaps being brought up with this odd combination of styles explains my propensity towards doom metal and other such noises.

What was the name of the first band you were in?

It was called Wrathia. This was when I was about 11 or 12. We played power metal with me on an electric drum kit, except all I really remember from it was having battles of flicking elastic bands at each other and eating way too many snacks.

Tell me about the genesis of Orbital Junction.

A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction

Ric (bassist) and I met at the gym and after not very long both realised we shared a love for enjoyable music and should start a band. For a while it was just us jamming. We advertised for other musicians on t’internet and ended up with Billy and then Owen.

Here’s a fun fact actually. Before Owen came along there was this guy who contacted us and all of his pictures were of him with marshmallows stuck on his eyebrows. For some reason he changed his mind before we got a chance to audition him.


What inspired the name Orbital Junction?

We were having a really hard time coming up with a band name that we all agreed on. Eventually we got to the point where we thought the word “orbital” would be good if indeed it was accompanied by another word. Then one day on the way to practice Billy was going through Clapham Junction and was like “how about Orbital Junction”. I still love the name.

How long did it take you to write and record Egos & Instincts?

Earthmover was the first song we wrote for it and I think some of those riffs came about just before we recorded the EP, however it wasn’t until after after the EP that the song got finished. Gamblin’ Man was the last one we wrote, and we were still writing that shortly before recording in about February. So I suppose about 19 months is your answer.

If you could insert yourself into any one band what band would it be and why?

Definitely Girls Aloud.

Have you ever heard a song and immediately wished you had written it?If so… What was the song and artist?


Yes, many times. Right now I feel that way about I’m The Mountain - Stoned Jesus.

Do you have any non-metal musical inspirations?

Oh absolutely. I think probably for all of us our inspirations are way more rooted in “rock” than “metal”. Or, if you want a slightly more specific answer, Billy and I once went to see Electric Octopus. That was definitely inspirational and they definitely could not be described as metal.

Non-metal song that you'd like to do a cover of.

Actually yes, I heard this cracker of a song earlier today.

Early Tea - John Shuttleworth

What band have you played with that has really impressed you with their live show?

There’s honestly quite a few I could name but I’m going to give a mention to a former London band Wychhound. We used to play gigs with them and I remember the first time we saw them play we were all blown away. They have broken up now but are still legendary.

Do you have a favorite venue to play at?

We have had some very fond times at The Black Heart in Camden. Both when we’ve been playing there and from watching other bands too. It’s my favorite place in the world.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Human sacrifice, also Owen eats one of those Vocalzone sweeties if he has them.

A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction
What is your favorite thing about touring?

Asking people where they do their big shop.

What is your least favorite thing about touring?

Sometimes there can be an awful lot of farts.

Is there a city that you love to hit while on tour?

If I had to pick one, probably Athens.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had on the road?

Billy driving his car. It’s hilarious.

The year is 2006.Where are you at and what are you listening to?

I was in my first year of secondary school and for some reason going through a phase of listening to a lot of Danish death metal.

What advice would you give young musicians that are just starting out in the music business?

I would advise that everyone out there, musician or not, drinks more water. I don’t understand why so many people don’t do it. Are you not thirsty all the time?

What is an absolute band killer?

Egypt. Pretty much every song on every album is killer.


A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction
What in the actual fuck are “Jellied Eels” and are they as disgusting as they sound?


I’ll have you know that jellied eels are the pinnacle of human luxury and I am most offended that you would think otherwise.

What’s the longest time you’ve gone without bathing?

When I was about 10 I had surgery on my shoulder and they said I couldn’t have a shower for a few days so I think I left it a couple of weeks just to be sure. Better safe than sorry as they say.

You are writing a book about your life thus far.What is the title of that book?

Diary of a Man Who Occasionally Eats Jellied Eels

Coming to a book store near you. Keep your eyes peeled.

What is your favorite song by Adele?

I couldn’t name a single one of them I’m afraid. I’m terrible at pub quizzes.

Rage Against The Machine or System Of A Down (if you had to pick one)?

For me personally it would definitely be SOAD.

Favorite band t-shirt you own?

That is a very tricky one. Probably my Conan t-shirt that I took the sleeves off.

Favorite meal?

A Fistful of Questions With Jack Revans Of Orbital Junction
I really can’t pick just one favorite food, I love so many things.

Having said that, I think that a freshly baked croissant with ample butter and ample (good) jam is one of the most luxury things you can have in your mouth at any given time.

Favorite book?


Probably either Lemmy or Ozzy’s autobiography.

Favorite movie?

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Favorite album?

Lightning at the Door - All Them Witches

   Many, many thanks to Jack for taking the time to answer my queries.I’m deeply appreciative.Be sure to check out “Egos And Instincts” the smashing debut release from Orbital Junction, but not because I said so.Do it because it clocked in at number 5 in the September Doom Charts and just in case that’s not reason enough.Do it because Jack will wrap you in his muscular embrace and squeeze the life force out of you if you don’t.

~El Pedo Caliente (aka Uncle Jameson from the Fistful of DOOM show)


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