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A Breezy Day at the Lake and Taking a Stand Against Violence in Chicago

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

A Breezy Day at the Lake and Taking a Stand Against Violence in ChicagoToday I actually left the house on a Sunday, it was a beautiful day out so I decided to grab Sebastian and head to the lake front to walk, climb rocks, and relax. It’s always relaxing to climb on the rocks, sit at the lake, and watch people zooming by on jet skis. Sebastian loved sitting on the edge relaxing while catching the breeze coming from the lake. He was quite the ladies man today as many of the female dogs were coming up to him to play kissy face, one actually jumped out her kennel to run to my beloved side kick. I told him” I don’t know what you got but you need to pass some to me” because the “ bash” gets mad love wherever he goes.

A Breezy Day at the Lake and Taking a Stand Against Violence in Chicago


While at the lake today, I encountered a march led by the church member s of Rev. Corey Brooks. I don’t attend church services but I have followed his story throughout the year. Rev. Brooks was labeled the roof top minister after he camped out on an abandon motel for months during the winter to raise money for a community center. Community centers are pretty much nonexistent these days on the south side of Chicago. In a effort to reduce the violence that plaques our city, he begin a walk across America on June 5th from Times Square in NY to California along with his two sons. Members of his church marched 10 miles from the Lake Front at Hayes Drive to the popular tourist destination Navy Pier today to show support.

I certainly hope that he is successful at raising the 15 million dollars that he needs to build the center that he is so diligently taking a stand for. There are people who spend good money protesting gay marriage, protesting a woman’s right to choose, raising money to help stop adolescent obesity, and millions of other causes that I probably don’t know about. I see very little effort in helping to keep innocent children alive who lost their lives by selling lemonade or by simply playing outside. There are several large billion dollar corporations in Chicago who claim their socially responsible yet not one has donated a dime to help this man and his efforts. Upon seeing the several police cars, the ambulances, and the news crew at the lake front, I immediately thought that someone had gotten shot, stabbed, or beaten. After speaking with one of the church members, I was glad to see the police for a positive reason for once in my life.

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