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A Bravissimo Shopping Spree

By Feistytapas @feistytapas

A Bravissimo shopping spreeLast week I had one of those unusual moments when I was in town, LittleT was asleep in her buggy and my brain was working so, the moment I saw her totally asleep, I run. Well, I tried running but the people of Cambridge's city center can be very slow so I had to settle for walking fairly quickly. Where was I hurrying? Bravissimo.
You see, I am a Bravissimo girl, have been for years. I don't really like shopping for bras anywhere else but, being one of their girls, I really need to get fitted regularly, which I used to do as religiously as an agnostic is allowed but then I went and had a baby and fittings became few and far between.
The other day I ran because I need clothes my own size really badly and, as I already mentioned on my iStylista review the other day, a curvy girl needs to lay proper foundations before building on them. I was a perfect size 11 (yes, seriously, right in between a 10 and a 12) when I met my husband, I am about two sizes bigger now and, to be bluntly honest, I hardly know my body anymore.

A Bravissimo shopping spree

Marion The Boob Whisperer holding some of my new clothes

Once in the store I got extremely lucky and there was someone available for a fitting and not just anyone, I was told later that Marion is known as The Boob Whisperer, she lived up to her name and with one look and one bra I was sorted. Given the speed I decided to take advantage of the fact that LittleT was still very comfortable in the arms of Morpheus and tried quite a few clothes. I can't remember the last time I was able to do that.
A Bravissimo shopping spree
I came home feeling very pretty womanesque (the super curvy version according to Bravissimo sizes). However, when I tried the clothes on to show my husband he pointed out that one of the dresses, a lovely slightly fifties stripy little number made me look a bit like Madonna did in the early 90s with her supersonic cone bras. I hadn't noticed, neither would I have noticed had he not pointed it out; however, now that he has I can't forget it and so I am going to have to take the dress to the shop. Unfortunately that requires a bit of scheduling. Let's hope I can and don't waste the money.
A Bravissimo shopping spree
While I'm there, I may exchange it for a different type of dress entirely, something suitably glamorous and comfy to see me through the day at Cybher 2012. I did see a black dress that may just be perfect for that in the Pepperberry catalog that I brought home.
That afternoon I went through my wardrobe, filled up one huge bag and one smaller bag with clothes and a couple of days later I dropped them at my local-ish Cancer Research shop.
Combined with some lovely chats I have been having on Twitter with some wonderful blogging mums, @ChelseaMamma and @ljbarton, this has highlighted the need for a day of proper shopping time, not to mention the huge need for a makeover. I feel like I know my body a bit better now that I have clothes that actually fit but I still lack confidence. The proof is probably in the tears I shed every time I watch a Gok Wan show.
* This is by no means a sponsored post, I spent a small fortune of my hard-earned pounds the other day at Bravissimo

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