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A Black Woman Playing God In The Shack Has One Critic Calling It Dangerous

By Firstladyb

The Shack Movie is from the fictional book by William P. Young about a father’s path to renewed faith and healing after his young daughter’s murder, the character of God — as depicted in the novel — is portrayed as a curvy, black woman,  and on screen is played by Academy Award winning actress, Octavia Spencer.  The depiction of God as a woman, has one critic calling it dangerous, and a false image of God and idolatry.

The Shack Movie

“His depiction of the Holy Spirit as a frail Asian woman with the Hindu name, Sarayu, lends itself to a dangerous and false image of God and idolatry,” Joe Schimmel, a California pastor said.

But the dialog is exactly what William P. Young wanted, because according to his personal testimony, a curvy black woman was the first time he saw God within someone.

Young, while in ministry had a three-month affair with his wife’s best friend. The church they were attending asked them to leave.

A week later, someone pulled into the Young’s driveway, a person who the author later claimed was one of the first within whom he saw God — the worship leader of his former church.

She was a curvy, black woman.

“She’s come over and says, ‘I think they’re making a huge mistake with you, I think we need to love you and be in your life, and she said, ‘I don’t care what the rest of them do, I’m committed to you and (your wife), and I’m going to be your friends through this.’”

It inspired a rethinking of how he viewed God.

Octavia Spencer gave a great explanation to reporters.

“It’s like ‘Oh, my God! Someone is playing God.’” she told USA Today. “But people have to remember it’s a manifestation of God. How (the film subject) sees God. Not necessarily how or who or what God is.”

The Shack hits theaters in March..


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