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94% of All Women Are Maximally Attracted to Men

Posted on the 26 April 2016 by Calvinthedog

Nebulous Maximus writes:

What about the really butchy Bull Dykes? They don’t seem to be into teh cock at all.

2% of women are lesbians. Maybe 5% lean lesbian. But even the leaners like a dick now and then! I know because I have met them!

94% of all woman are maximally attracted to males.

6% of all women are maximally attracted to females.

51% of females are sexually attracted to other females, and 49% of women could be technically said to have a bisexual orientation.

Of the 51% of females who are attracted to other women, 86% of them lean straight.

Of the 49% of women who could be technically be called bisexuals, an equal percentage, 86%, lean straight.

Even “bi” women overwhelmingly lean straight.

This is just what I suspected. All over the world, everywhere you go, women are all the same. They all want one thing. The lives of most of them all seem to revolve around one thing.

Most women are all about men. Most girls are all about boys. Even old ladies still like men. I can tell when I deal with them.

Women like dick. They like cock. They like men. They want to have sex with men, and they want to fall in love with men. For many to most women, a major aspect of their daily lives, spiritually, romantically, emotionally and physically, all revolve around men.

When a woman is in a relationship with a man, that is typically the most important thing in her life. When she is not in a relationship with a man, she is often looking rather prominently to start up a new relationship with a man as soon as possible. Most of women’s sexual fantasies are about men. Even women who also fantasize about sex with women too fantasize about men a lot more than women. Most women who have sex with men and women would rather have sex with a man than a woman.

When a drive is that intense, you can’t help thinking that it’s biological. Somehow and in some way, females must be strongly wired up to be attracted to men sexually and to deeply desire romantic sexual relationships with men, typically of a long-term nature.

I assume they pop out of the womb already wired up this way, although the actual sex drive probably doesn’t hit them until they are ~13, at which time it hits like gangbusters.

However, a nonsexual attraction to men and a desire for romance with men seems to be present even in prepubescent girls, as seen in the boy band and teen idol posters decorating any tween girl’s room. She doesn’t want to have sex with any of those men because I don’t think prepubescent girls have a sex drive, but she’s still strongly attracted to them in some sense (she thinks they’re “cute”) and she feels romantic feelings for them. Tween girls around 11 years old also get strong crushes on adult men. The content of these crushes romantic or sexual is not known, but they do exist, as I have experienced them.

Give it up, radfems. Lesbianism will never catch on. Women seem to be biologically wired up to want and prefer men.

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