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9/11 Marketing Coincidences ... Supertramp's Breakfast in America 1979 Album Cover

Posted on the 25 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
We've all seen various 9/11 marketing coincidences, like THE COUP's WTC-exploding album cover was supposed to be released in early September 2001. And we all know of the episode of The  Lone Gunman broadcast in March 2001, where a plane was highjacked and flown into WTC by remote control.  This still from an episode of the Simpsons is surely the most famous: do you see it?  9/11...
9/11 marketing coincidences ... Supertramp's Breakfast in America 1979 album cover
Anyway, we're pattern-finding devices, so we're bound to see these coincidences all over the place. 911 is the name of the Emergancy Services in the States (a spell error on my part but I'm going to leave it in, seems relevant). 911 is the way the numbers fall in the odd series, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13... and so on. We're bound (by limited options) to be haunted by our own paranoia. Right?
But this one, from a Dutch site called QFF, is just about the most gorgeous coincidence this blogger's ever come across in this field of 'pattern matching an atrocity to the creative process'. Here's a link to a Bing Translation of the site:
So, you see the album cover, it's Supertramp's Breakfast in America - released in 1979 - an Album I loved at the time; and I've always appreciated the New York Skyline breakfast table parody of the cover. Seriously, that was a formative period in my life. But then ... someone's spotted an amazing 9/11 relevance. This is a good one.

9/11 marketing coincidences ... Supertramp's Breakfast in America 1979 album cover

Supertramp's Breakfast in America

Remember, also that the September 11th attack happened in the morning, when you have breakfast, and then notice what you see when you FLIP the album cover .... 

9/11 marketing coincidences ... Supertramp's Breakfast in America 1979 album cover

view from a plane window? 

Made me laugh, too.

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By Silvia Hunt
posted on 09 December at 20:44

convinced that was photoshopped or altered somehow, I dug out my original vinyl album from way-back-then and sure enough... I cannot wrap my brain around this.. the only explanation is that the artist sees glimpses of the future?? could not possibly have fully understood the significance of that image at the time.. and even if 9-11 was a conspiracy/inside job/whatever, why would they choose to fill in that particular band or their album-artist???

By Nils Erik Jansson
posted on 15 September at 20:36

Wow this is by far the most creative theory and I loved this album when it was released

By Chris Randall
posted on 15 September at 20:30

Conspiracy theorists, this will make your day especially the 'Supertramp' album cover.