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86% Of Lawyers Not “Eager” to Get a .Lawyer/.Attorney Name? That Only Leave 200K That Want One

Posted on the 22 October 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

My fellow domain Blogger Konstantinos Zournas of cited a poll on his site today in a post entitled: “83% Of Lawyers Not Eager To Get .Lawyer Or .Attorney Domains”

Konstantinos which is doing a great job this year on his blog, seemed to have fallen for a poll whose results are statically fatally faulted.

Konstantinos did not conduct the poll, the poll was conducted by Law Times News but was the basis for Konstantinos post.

If you read some stuff on poll theory  (as a Political Science major like 100 years ago, I don’t recommend it unless you have NOTHING else to do) you would soon learn of poll of 66 people out of a group over 1.2 Million has an margin of error of lets of at least 66%, or is basically not worth the virtual paper it is written on.

According to Wikipedia, back in 2011 there were over 1.2 million license attorneys/lawyers in the United States along, and I’m pretty sure that number hasn’t gone down.

So if you ask 66 out of 1.2 Million people anything, I wouldn’t rely on the results too much.

But lets the poll results are accurate.

While 86% of a lawyers are not “eager” to buy, the flip side is that 16.7% of lawyers/attorney are eager to register a domain answering “Yes Its a great tool to get my name out there”.

So as usual the question comes down to is the glass half full or half empty?

If 16.7% of all lawyers answered “Yes Its a great tool to get my name out there”, that would mean out of 1.2 Million attorneys just in the US as of 2011, 200,000 lawyers/attorneys would register a .Lawyer or .Attorney domain.

If those 16.7 that answered “Yes” I want one, only registered one domain,  that would make the combined .Attorney/.Lawyer  extensions the 2nd largest new gTLD in terms of numbers of registrations; more than 6x the number of .NYC registered domains.

I’m sure the registry operator Rightside (NAME) would be crying the blues of they got only 200,000 registrations for .Attorney and .Lawyer domains at around $40 a domain.  After all that is only $8 million dollars a year, not counting any premium domain registrations which there seem to be a bunch.

Consider that no one else applied for .attorney they (Donuts was the actual applicant) got the .attorney registry for the application fee of $185,000.

Just saying.

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