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8 Direct Mail & Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Is Making

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Scotcombs @3rdplanetmedia

logo-business-10“Who says direct mail is dead? Many small businesses are spending their hard-earned money on direct mail campaigns to help drive traffic through their doors. But, with social media being where the “fish are”, I expected most small businesses use social media with their direct mail marketing. To dig a little deeper into this hypothesis this weekend, I opened up one of my hometown coupon packages that I found in my mailbox. I wanted to see how local small businesses, such as the ones in the Collegeville, PA area, were using social media to meet their business goals. I expected that every small business was using social media and making sure it was integrated into everything they did make sure their business was successful.

My findings showed:

  1. 9 of the 51 small businesses integrated social media with their shared mailer tactic
  2. 20 of the 51 advertising businesses DID NOT include their social media channels
  3. 11 had no social channels at all (i.e., exterminator, children’s dentist, window, roof, gutters, moon bounce and an auto parts store)

I fell off my chair from reading these results. I suspect that most small businesses across the US that use shared direct mail have the same experience of little or no integration of social media into their direct mail marketing.” More>>>

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