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7 Years Later Mike Berkens Remains Pleased That He and Judi Sold Their Portfolio

Posted on the 08 December 2022 by Worldwide @thedomains
Mike Berkens GoDaddy

It was 7 years ago today that the founder of this blog Mr. Michael Berkens surprised everyone by announcing he sold his portfolio to GoDaddy.

The press release partially read like this:

This acquisition consists of approximately 70,000 domain names, including,,, and It also includes names targeted at small businesses such as,, and These names are now available for purchase by anyone looking to establish or enhance their digital identity.

I spoke to Mike over the weekend about the anniversary coming up and asked him how he felt?

He told me that 7 years later he is glad that he and his wife Judi made the decision they made. At the time Judi had a long rehab ahead of her from very serious back surgery. He and Judi have gotten to travel a lot with Mike not being tied down to going through expiry and auction lists like he did the previous 15 years.

George Kirikos was the first to tweet out the sale price,

According to a series of tweets from George Kirikos this evening, GoDaddy “*definitely* paid $35.5MM for Mike Berkens domain portfolio.

He has not really been that in tune to the industry over the last few years although he does still own plenty of domains. I can confirm he is still making some nice sales as this year myself and a GoDaddy broker put together a 6 figure sale on a name that Mike acquired for just under $300 in 2018 at DropCatch. Mike has made good money in crypto though he did not jump in on NFTs.

Interestingly back in 2015 GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) stock was around $33 a share when the deal was announced. Today it stands at $74.38.

Mike has been spending a lot of time back and forth between North Carolina and Florida and seems like he and Judi are enjoying life. Good for them, two of the best people in the industry. Mike has never been caught up with competition or wished someone else to fail in the decade I have known and worked with him he has always said to me he wishes for everyone to be successful.

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